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Choosing the Right Virgin Mary Statue for Your Space

Adding a Blessed Mother statue or Virgin Mary statue to your home or garden will add an impressive touch of spirituality to any décor or landscape. Mary statues may differ in their size and the level of ornamentation, but they all depict the figure many hold dear. eBay can help you find an affordable Virgin Mary statue whether you want to give a gift or bring her into your life.

Choosing the Right Mother Mary Statue

Some statues are for specific occasions, while others are more decorative or interpretive. Choosing the right Virgin Mary statue begins by selecting the area in which you will use it. Outdoor use dictates a sturdier option than an indoor or desktop Mary statue. The material the statue is made of will probably be something to consider based on where you plan to display your blessed mother statue. Concrete is one option for outdoor use, but some plastics are just as sturdy, and the light weight makes shipping cheaper than concrete. Indoor statues are often more delicate, using materials such as porcelain or wood.

What need is this statue filling?

If the Saint Mary statue for sale is made for a religious purpose, it might be posed or decorated in a specific manner. If this is something that you are concerned with, then being aware of the specific colors, poses, and other arrangements of the statue should be considered. If the Virgin Mary statue for sale is only of interest for the beauty and overall aesthetics of the artwork, then there are no bounds for creativity.

Creative Mother Mary Statues

Mary has been a central figure in religious ceremonies over the ages, which makes her an oft-used subject of artwork. Each artist has their own style, and with the longevity of spirituality and the number of artists out there, there is a myriad of depictions you can choose from to display one in your home or garden. Small icons can sit atop desks or bookcases, while larger ones have been built into hallway alcoves or set in cabinets. Here are some unique Mother Mary statue ideas:

  • Catrina Mother Mary statue - A Día de Muertos costume for women.
  • Clear glass Mother Mary statue
  • Mary Help of Christians

Overall, Virgin Mary statues are a great way to add detail and interest to your indoor or outdoor decorating. Both meaningful and artistic, these statues are can be a focal point of any household or business and bring peaceful and meaningful artwork into the home. The widespread focus on Christianity means that a variety of talented artists have worked on various Mother Mary pieces, so whether you're a believer looking for ways to display your spirituality or you're a collector that appreciates artwork that reflects the beliefs of many, a statue of the Virgin Mary might add the right touch to your home.