Vintage TVs: A Blast to the Past

Old TVs are like time machines; their mere presence can take you back in time, and many of them still work. There are a lot of them available from a lot of different years and you have quite a few different styles and sizes to choose from. Even though you have a nice flat-screen HDTV, you probably could list a few good reasons why you should buy an old TV on eBay.

The main types of old TVs for sale
  • Full-size - Most of these TVs are heavy and take up a lot of space. Generally, anything over 15 inches was a full-size TV back then because of the size of the accompanying parts and the TV case.
  • Portable - Portables usually start at about 10 inches and can go as small as 2. Some portable televisions have plugs and require an electrical outlet, and others can run on batteries.
  • Black and white - Black and white televisions come in all sizes. Most of the older and antique TVs are black and white and still function.
  • Color - There are a variety of color televisions to choose from. Most of the newer vintage TVs for sale are in color.
What are some features to look for in an old TV for sale?

There are a few features that can enhance your viewing experience. Keep these in mind when selecting a used television.

  • Remote - If you're interested in having a remote for your old TV, then you're in luck. Many of the old TVs for sale come with functioning remote controls, but may not include batteries.
  • Stereo - Some vintage TVs, especially antique TVs, don't have stereo sound; they use mono.
  • Radio - Some of the smaller portable televisions come with radios, making them dual-purpose. Radios may also come with some of the antique TVs for sale.
What are some of the companies that made old TVs?

There are many recognizable brands that made TVs back in the day, and many still produce electronics today.

  • Sony - Many of the Sony models are mid-sized to tiny. They specialized in making handheld televisions back in the 1980s. You can also find mid-sized gaming televisions from the past that function to this day.
  • Zenith - Full-size Zenith televisions are available, some with screens measuring over 27 inches. You'll also be able to choose from many models in the 12- to 19-inch range and even some under 6 inches.
  • RCA - This classic television maker made everything from 2-inch pocket televisions to full-size floor units that take two adults to move.