Enjoy a Taste of Home With Vintage Milk Cans

An antique milk can may not have any fresh dairy products in it, but it can still give you a taste of the past or help you look back fondly on the days when these kinds of jugs showed up on your doorstep each morning. You can find an array of unused and pre-owned vintage milk cans for sale at reasonable prices on eBay. Getting to know a bit about the types of cans you can purchase will help you find the right ones.

Types of vintage milk cans you can get

There are a few kinds of antique metal milk cans that you can find for sale on eBay. You can choose different milk jugs based on their sizes, shapes, or compositions. All sizes are listed in US dimensions. See the manufacturer site for details. Here are just a couple of the main kinds of antique cans you can find during your search:

  • Unbranded - Many of the milk jugs that circulated in the past were simple metal constructions that all used similar shapes and were forged from cheap pot steel. Some companies produced their own version of an antique milk jug, but many of these household products didn't have brand names attached to them.
  • Branded - If you want to get a vintage milk can from a particular brand, you can choose one from companies such as San-a-Pure, Consumer Dairy, Hernig Dairy, or Dairymen's League.
Can you get vintage milk cans with various designs?

Yes, some of the unused and secondhand antique milk cans that you find on eBay will have decorative accents or artwork on them. In some cases, a dairy or milk can company might add art to the logo as a way to make the brand more recognizable. A vintage milk can owner might add personal designs to the item as a way to customize it for display. You can find these kinds of milk cans on eBay with designs such as floral patterns, animal scenes, geometric shapes, or decorative color palettes. The artwork you find on the antique milk can of your choice may feature paint or engraving to achieve the desired scenery.

Finding the right shape for your milk can

Vintage milk cans can come in a variety of shapes to suit different preferences. One of the more common shapes you'll find on eBay includes a tall urn for carrying dairy products. You may find an urn shape that includes handles for carrying or a lid for keeping the milk secure during transport. Other shapes are smaller and might include a spout for pouring the milk without spilling it.