Catch Prey the Old-fashioned Way Using Vintage Hunting Traps

Old steel traps are an interesting item you can add to your collection of hunting memorabilia, and many of the ones you find for sale on eBay are serviceable and ready for use. Once you explore some of the vintage hunting trap models and study their features, you'll be able to find the items that meet your needs in the field or match your preferences as a collector.

Choosing a type of antique hunting trap

Affordable vintage hunting traps come in a few types or styles that you might want to collect or use during your next trip to the woods. They usually feature particular design elements that are meant to help you trap specific kinds of prey. Here are just some of the basic kinds of antique traps you'll come across:

  • Jaws - Large traps are designed to catch the leg of a big animal in a set of jaws and keep it there. Different trap models can have various sizes. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Plates - Old traps with small frames usually feature a plate that is designed to secure critters such as gophers or rats that might not be stopped by wide jaws.
  • Boxes - You may find some vintage traps that have a box form intended to help you capture some animals alive for study or transport.
Finding accessories for your old steel traps

In addition to complete antique traps, you can also find parts or accessories that are designed for them on eBay. Here is just a sampling of some of the antique parts you can pick up for various traps:

  • Chains - Short lengths of chain are used to secure the trap of your choice.
  • Springs - Coiled springs hold the pressure plates or the jaws of old steel traps in place.
Can you get unused antique traps?

On eBay, you can find both preowned and unused vintage traps. All of the traps you see will be antiques from various brands, but some of them have not been used in the field. You may find some old, unused traps that still include the original vintage packaging that came with them. In some cases, unused antique traps you find on eBay might show signs of age on the metal, but you could find steel traps that still have the sheen of new items. Purchasing used vintage traps can be a good way to get the collectible antiques you want at a price point that works for you.