Update Your Shop With a Vintage Hand Drill

A fun addition to any woodworking shop would be at least one vintage hand drill. To find an antique or old hand drill, you only need to look to eBay.

The different styles of affordable vintage hand drills

Before electricity, woodworking took much longer to complete. The vintage handheld drill was truly a hand crank drill. Just like then, there are plenty of vintage hand drills available for purchase. There are different styles that you may want to consider purchasing. The four main types that can be found on eBay are:

  • Egg-beater hand drill: This has a wheel with gears and is very common among vintage hand drills.
  • Breastplate hand drill: This is the same basic method, except you use your chest to exert the pressure for drilling.
  • T-handle wood auger hand drill: This is a type of drill that can bore bigger holes using sharpened auger bits.
  • Ratcheting-style old hand drill: This type of drill works like a ratchet. Each click pushes the drill bit down into the material.
Considerations when purchasing an antique hand drill

Traditional woodworking entails using vintage tools. You will find that different projects are accomplished easier with different handheld vintage drills. There are other accessories you will want to have to go with your antique or vintage hand drills. Planning ahead and making the purchase of additional accessories helps your project move along easily. Some of the necessary accessories are:

  • Drill bits that come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from #4 to #16.
  • There are bat-wing bits and also spoon bits for use in old hand drills.
  • Having plenty straight-shaft drill bits already sharpened and ready to go is a great idea when using any hardwoods.
  • Having auger bits in a variety of sizes is smart preparation for a variety of projects.
  • The brace is the handle that turns on many of the drills. Having different sizes of braces in your woodshop for several different handheld drills is also a great plan.
Is there more than one brand of vintage drill available for sale on eBay?

There are a number of brands available for sale on eBay. When you're looking for an antique hand drill, consider drills from these and other known tool brands. Many companies may still have needed parts for their brand of antique or vintage handheld drills. You can also locate many of the parts on eBay.

  • Craftsman
  • Ruger Corp
  • Stanley
  • Goodell-Pratt