Collect Antique Fishing Rods to Use or Diplay

Antique fishing rods have become highly collectible for their quality of workmanship as well as the nostalgia they evoke. Handcrafted vintage bamboo fishing rods provide a folk art appeal and attract collectors from all over the world. You will find a wide array of gently used vintage fishing rods on eBay that you can still use for fishing.

What vintage fishing rods brands are available?

You will find many antique fishing rod brands for sale online. You may also find handcrafted vintage fishing rods made by individuals who enjoyed the sport. You may collect them by country of origin, but the most common method of collecting is by brand.

The list is extensive and includes Redington, Quantum, Powell, Phillipson, Pfluger, Penn, Payne, Orvis, Okuna, and Montague. Some other brands to consider include All-Star, Berkeley, Mitchell, Forrest, Fenwick, Falcon, Edwards, and Eagle Claw. In addition, you may find these brands available for sale on eBay:

  • Divine
  • Browning
  • Dickerson
  • Daiwa
  • SAGE
  • Shakespeare
  • Shimano
  • Cortland
  • South Bend
  • St. Croix
Types of materials used to make vintage fishing poles

Collectors and fishing enthusiasts typically have an old fishing pole made of bamboo. The earliest vintage fishing poles were crafted from various woods. They were typically long and sported a bamboo tip. Making affordable antique fishing rods solely from bamboo didn’t become fashionable until the late 1800s. You will find a broad range of materials used to make antique fishing rods. These include:

  • Bamboo
  • Split bamboo
  • Cane
  • Red oak
  • Ironwood
What are the parts that make up an antique fly rod?

Because minute differences in the various parts of a fly rod can alter its sensitivity and performance, it's important to understand those parts. How they are connected and held together with silk thread can mean the difference between a vintage rod perfect for river casting versus an antique fly rod appropriate for ocean casting. A fly rod has these basic parts:

  • Ferrule - This is the point in the antique fly rod where it attaches to the next piece.
  • Guides - These are the attachments that guide the line along the rod. They typically come in styles called the snake, single foot, and double foot.
  • Handle - The handle on vintage fishing poles is usually made from cork. If it is made of foam or plastic, it may not be antique or come with the original handle.
  • Reel seat - this is the point of the antique fly rod where the reel joins the rod.