A Collector's Guide to Fiesta Dinnerware

Fiesta, or Fiestaware, a line of colorful ceramic dinnerware made by the Homer Laughlin China Company, was introduced in 1936, but the production of Fiestaware vintage dishes was suspended from 1973 to 1985. Its simple Art Deco styling and wide range of hues make it a favorite for decorators and collectors. A selection of vintage Fiestaware, including plates, bowls, pitchers, and coffeepots, is available on eBay.

A new concept in dinnerware

The original Fiestaware came in sets for serving four, six, or eight people and sometimes featured a bonus like an ashtray, candleholder, or bud vase. Dinnerware sets included plates, soup bowls, cups, and saucers, and a set of five nested mixing bowls was also available. Collectors could choose complete sets or mix and match open stock. The concept of brightly colored dishes with concentric circles that could be mixed and matched as needed or desired was a new one. The line grew to include 64 different pieces during its peak, including these:

  • Teapots, carafes, and tumblers
  • Five-part relish trays
  • Flower vases in three sizes
  • Divided plates and three sizes of platters
How is vintage Fiestaware different from the new Fiestaware?

Vintage Fiesta made after 1984 contained a vitreous, or enamel, coating that made the porcelain denser, stronger, and shinier than the original. Three characteristics distinguish the vintage Fiestaware for sale on eBay from the new: color, markings, and glaze.

What were the original colors of vintage Fiestaware?

The original colors in 1936 were cobalt blue, red, light green, yellow, old ivory, and turquoise. In the 1950s, the hues changed to chartreuse, rose, forest green, and gray. From 1959 to 1969, the company returned to its original bright red, yellow, and turquoise as well as introducing a new green color. Although it was sold for a decade, this green, now called medium green, is highly collectible and hard to find. In 1969, Homer Laughlin changed the design and colors of the dinnerware to give it a more contemporary look. New colors included the iconic gold and avocado, Harvest Gold and Turf Green, which were favorites of the '70s. New colors in 1986 included rose, black, cobalt, bright white, and apricot.

Markings and glazes on used Fiestaware for sale

Vintage Fiestaware on eBay will be ink stamped on the bottom with a logo that says "GENUINE fiesta." Some pieces have another marking with words like "HLC Fiesta Made in USA" or "Fiesta HLC USA." The bottoms of Fiesta dishes in vintage stores will be covered in glaze, while the clay is partially uncovered on newer ones.

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