From Elegant to Country: Vintage Enamelware

Vintage enamelware provides you with a delightful way to enhance the ambiance of your kitchen and dining room. You will find a variety of styles, such as vintage spatterware enamelware and vintage blue speckled enamelware, available on eBay. Antique enamelware is also very collectible.

What brands of antique enamelware are available in the marketplace?

You will find many makers of vintage enamelware pots and pans. Some collectible brands include St. Louis Stamping Company, Lalance and Grosjean, Vollrath, and Bellaire Stamping Company. Some more common brands available for sale include:

  • Catherineholm
  • Crow Canyon Home
  • Descoware
  • Finel
  • Mendets
Types of cookware and serveware available in vintage enamelware

You can add vintage enamelware to your kitchen and breakfast room decor to add some color and interest. Some fun items to look for include teapots, kettles, mixing bowls, pitchers of all sizes, muffin tins, and other baking tins. Vintage enamel pots and pans are especially fun. Enamelware can be made for camping cookware, such as plates, bowls, and mugs. Typically, the camping cookware comes in blue speckled enamelware. They come in a wide array of styles and types that you can mix and match to reflect your own personality and charm.

These are the most common types:

  • Dutch ovens
  • Coffee pots
  • Ladles
  • Mugs
  • Plates
What colors does enamelware come in?

Vintage enamelware comes in many colors. You can find everything from pastels to bright colors. In addition, you can find antique enamelware with different graphics and art, including folk art and florals. A noteworthy type of lightweight enamelware was graniteware. This has a speckled, mottled surface. Invented by Charles Stumer in 1848, it is also known as speckleware or agateware. It was made from the 1870s until the mid-1940s. The features of vintage enamelware are its smooth surface and glossy finish. Some common colors include:

  • Vintage spatterware enamelware
  • Vintage blue speckled enamelware
  • Vintage white enamel pans
  • Yellow with orange trim
  • White with blue trim
What types of metals are glazed with vintage enamelware?

Manufacturers of enamelware used a variety of metals underneath the enamel glaze. In general, the older the piece of vintage enamelware is, the heavier it is. Vintage enamelware manufactured during WWII can be quite lightweight. More modern pieces of enamelware will incorporate some plastic pieces. This is a sign that the item is not vintage. Most antique enamelware comes in one of these metals:

  • Cast iron
  • Heavy steel
  • Light steel
  • Aluminum