Vintage Electric Guitars

Electric guitars have long been considered a staple of certain music genres, and they have become both more accessible and more collectible. Professionals and hobbyists alike utilize electric guitars to create infinite sonic possibilities. Companies such as Fender and Gibson make guitars and offer a wide selection of vintage guitars as well.

What makes an electric guitar vintage?

Generally speaking, electric guitars are considered vintage if they are 30 years old or older. When something is referred to as vintage, the object is recognizable and representative of the era it is from. The electric guitar was invented in 1931. Guitars had been in use for much longer than this, but the electric element was added during the 1930s. They were later refined in the 1940s by Les Paul, paving the way for the Gibson Les Paul, which has become an iconic guitar that is used by many.

Who makes vintage electric guitars?

Well-known guitar makers include Gibson, Les Paul, who worked closely with Gibson, and Fender. These two brands have been around for a very long time, and many vintage finds come from these two companies. When people think of guitars, they often think of Gibson, Les Paul, or Fender. However, vintage guitars are not just limited to these three makers. There are many other companies that have made guitars in the past that may provide a unique find.

How do you know if a guitar is vintage?

Electric guitar trends and preferred styles have changed over the years, and often vintage guitars are recognizable simply by the way they look. However, appearance alone cannot always determine whether or not a guitar is vintage. Many guitarists will replace parts of the guitar, such as the pickups, if they become worn out or the guitarist simply has different preferences. The body of a guitar can also be refinished, meaning that even if a guitar appears to be brand new it may actually be a vintage find.

If parts have been replaced, is the guitar still vintage?

An electric guitar that has replaced pickups or a refinished body is still considered vintage. Collectors tend to desire electric guitars that are as original as possible, while this may not be as important for a musician who is looking to play the guitar on a more regular basis. Musicians enjoy vintage guitars for a multitude of reasons, from differences in sound to simply having a unique look.