Give Your Party Classic Appeal Using Vintage Drinking Glasses

Old drinking glasses can be just the ticket when you want to accessorize your next formal gathering with some tumblers or mugs that have an understated, vintage look to match the tone you want. You can check out eBay to find a broad range of low-priced antique drinking glasses for sale in different styles to suit your tastes. Once you know a bit about the types of vintage drinking glasses you can get, you'll be able to select the models you like.

Finding designs for vintage drinking glasses

Many of the antique drinking glasses on eBay will have patterns etched into them during the production process, but you can also find cups or mugs that have extra designs or artwork on them that might appeal to you. Here are just a few of the options you should come across during your search:

  • Animals - Many vintage drinking glasses feature equestrian themes and have designs with horses on them to reflect this. You can get detailed artwork that depicts horses, or you can go for antique water glasses featuring equine silhouettes.
  • Shapes - If you like interesting geometric patterns, you can check out old drinking glasses that have things like coins or realistic maps depicted on them.
  • Floral - Many antique drinking glasses on eBay feature floral arrangements in various colors or plant species you might appreciate.
How do you choose types of antique drinking glasses?

There are several kinds of old drinking glasses on eBay that you can purchase both new and used. Each type of glass has some classic appeal to it, and the kinds you choose for your cabinet depend on the design features you want. Here are some of the major types of vintage water glasses you can find:

  • Tumblers - Tumblers are usually shorter than other kinds of glasses. All sizes are listed in US measurements. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Stemmed - If you want some water glasses with a more formal look, you can go for a set that includes stems, similar to champagne flutes or small chalices.
  • Standard - Many new and pre-owned antique drinking glasses on eBay come in the standard large cup form with rounded edges and no stem.
Getting different kinds of glass

In addition to the types of vintage drinking implements you can choose, you can also select the type of antique glass you like. Milk glass is known for its pale white hue, and art glass usually features unique shapes or busy designs. Crystal glassware may come in several colors to suit your tastes, and it usually catches and reflects the light well.

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