Find Your Ideal Vintage Dollhouse

Finding the right antique dollhouse is important whether you are an avid collector, weekend hobbyist, or small child. Choose the perfect one from the large selection of vintage dollhouses for sale on eBay.

Find the right vintage dollhouse for sale on eBay

If you want to begin or add to a collection, look for antique dollhouses that are handmade, handcrafted, or artist-made. There are vintage handmade dollhouses that are good examples of American folk art. A custom-built vintage Antebellum dollhouse and a handcrafted log cabin dollhouse are two unique antique dollhouses. You may also want to check out a handmade vintage dollhouse lot for a one-of-a-kind collections.

Hobbyists will appreciate the choices of dollhouse kits. A vintage Whitney Tiffani wood dollhouse kit and a Victorian wooden cottage kit are two good options for the beginner. If you're more advanced, check out a vintage Walmer dollhouse kit or a Harrison dollhouse kit.

Kids will like the wide selection of old-fashioned dollhouses from brands such as Melissa & Doug, Mattel, and Fisher-Price. These dollhouses offer detailed decorations and designs to keep young children playing. Take a look at the Fisher-Price Little People Play dollhouses or a Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise dollhouse.

Do the dollhouses for sale come assembled?

Some of the old dollhouses are available assembled. Some of these may be unused or new dollhouses for sale that were part of someone's prized collection. Some of them may have been played with and show some signs of wear. Many of the unassembled dollhouses are available as kits. The kits may or not be complete if they are opened. Vintage dollhouses that need assembly may come with nails, screws, or are of a tab and slot construction and may include wood, plastic, metal, porcelain, cardboard, or paper parts. You may enjoy painting or staining an unassembled antique dollhouse in your favorite colors.

Do old-fashioned dollhouses come with accessories?

Many of the dollhouses come equipped with furniture, play people, or vehicles. However, you can add more accessories such as a living room, bathroom, and bedroom set. Fisher-Price has metal furniture to go with its Little People dollhouse. A Calico Critter Lakeside Log Cabin comes with beds, chairs, a hammock, people, and food. If your vintage dollhouse needs repair, you can get additional windows, roof shingles, lamps, chimneys, and awnings. If you want to uppgrade the look of a dollhouse, you can add fences or wallpaper.