Everything You Should Know About Purchasing a Vintage Cigarette Case Online

Collecting vintage cigarette cases is a fun hobby to have. These cases transport us back to a time where smoking cigarettes required some glitz and glamour, not just a boring paper box. There are a ton of affordable vintage cigarette cases on eBay, so here is what you need to know about purchasing a cigarette case online.

Materials antique cigarette cases are usually made from

When a cigarette case is vintage, it can be made from a lot of unique materials. There are vintage metal cigarette cases made from sterling silver, steel, brass, copper, wood, leather, aluminum, chrome, or silver. You can also find silver-plated cases.. Each of these materials produces a different look and finish that appeals to different collectors.

Types of designs common on a cigarette case

When looking for a vintage cigarette case on eBay, you may have a clear idea of what kind of design you are seeking. There were several designs that were fairly common, especially on a 1950s cigarette case. Of course, there are also cigarette cases with no designs on them if you prefer that. Some of the designs you can find include:

  • Religious Symbolism - Many vintage cases have crosses on them. Some of these crosses have a more Celtic look, while others are more Catholic traditional.
  • Boats - Boats are common images ingrained in cigarette cases. Oftentimes, they are large old-style cruise ships or sailboats.
  • Flowers - Many cigarette cases had enamel put on the front with a flower design in the enamel.
  • Musical Instruments - Pianos, trumpets, and other musical instruments are featured on the front of many cigarette cases.
  • Vintage Images - There are many vintage images on cigarette cases. Some of these include fox hunting, vintage erotica, cat suffragettes, and famous artwork.
Are there different cigarette case shapes?

On eBay, the cigarette cases come in many shapes. Most are a rectangle design with rounded corners and a latch on the side. Still, some cigarette case makers chose to make shapes that went outside the norm, such as the barrel case. This case is a circular case, resembling a barrel. There are also some vintage oval-shaped cases, which were especially liked by ladies since they have a daintier look to them. Some cases also can hold more cigarettes than others, with some holding up to 50 cigarettes at a time, 25 on each side.