Your Compete Guide to Collecting Vintage Canes and Walking Sticks

If you have recently hurt an ankle, knee or some other part of your leg, then the doctor may suggest that you walk with a cane for a little while. Walking canes can also be an excellent asset for those who have balance problems. The beauty of ornate vintage walking sticks also makes them great display pieces in your home.

Are there different types of vintage canes and walking sticks?

Generally, collectors divide canes into three broad categories. One category contains decorative canes. These canes often contain decorative elements, but they are usually the most functional canes that users collect. The second category contains folk-art canes. These canes are often homemade. Different techniques are commonly used based on art movements and location. The third category is functional canes. These canes often opened to reveal all the tools that a person needed in their profession or for a leisure-time pursuit.

Types of system canes

People in many different professions carried system canes as they helped keep needed supplies close at hand. Doctors often carried canes that opened to reveal medical tools. Hunters carried guns that opened to make a bow and arrow or that reassembled to make a gun. Sailor canes often reassembled to make telescopes. These canes often held navigational charts and compasses. Writers could get inspired anywhere when they carried canes containing paper, pens, ink, pencils and lead. Many gamblers kept dice close at hand in a gambler's cane.

Who are some carvers of American folk art canes?

Most folk art canes were made by plantation workers in the Southern United States. These individuals often made just a few canes. Others who made folk art canes have become well known. New York carver Alanson Porter Dean created canes for P.T Barnum and others Many of Porter's canes, which may be available on eBay, have Biblical themes. Frankie Feathers was a Pennsylvania carver. You may be able to find his canes with most having political themes. Pennsylvania carver Bally Carver often created carved intricate vintage walking sticks with hunting themes on them. While Schtockschnitzler Simmons is better known for his carved bird statues, he also carved walking sticks with birds on them.

Are there any vintage weapon canes?

You may be able to find a variety of vintage weapon walking sticks when you shop on eBay. One type is sword canes where the top comes off to reveal a sword. Many collectors look for these unique vintage canes made in Germany. Other collectors choose to specialize in collecting affordable vintage walking sticks that conceal guns. You can find pistol, shotgun and air-pressurized gun walking canes as well on eBay.