Maintain those Classic Looks: Inexpensive Vintage Bike Parts for Sale

Do you know someone who sold a valuable vintage bike because they couldn't replace a tiny part? Don't let this happen to you — eBay has plenty of inexpensive old bike parts for sale.

The vintage bicycle parts commonly replaced

Ineffective parts will wear out your bike quickly. If you have an old bike, you may need to replace tires, cables, chains, brakes, and tubes. By replacing these major components, your 100-year-old bike can operate just like a new bicycle. Often, the chain needs to be replaced every few years. Rusty and neglected chains are prime examples of components that deteriorate a bicycle's performance.

If you can't find vintage bike parts for your bicycle because they are too rare, then try replacing them with similar parts. As the basic mechanical function remains intact since early bicycles, you will be able to find a suitable part. You should also be ready to do reverse engineering, which means checking the mechanical parts first before replacing the hardware such as the frame. Replacing the frame, handles, and mudguards before checking the working condition of mechanical parts may hinder your ability to put everything in working order.

Are antique bicycle parts replaceable with new parts?

If you do not own a unique custom-designed bicycle or if yours is not part of a limited edition, you should be able to fit new parts to a vintage bicycle. The advantage of owning a vintage bike is that it's easier to fit new parts to an old frame compared to fitting a new bike with older parts. If you need to replace old bicycle parts, it's better to look for a similar frame or buy parts from bikes that are closer to the age of the bicycle. Also, keep in mind that most Asian manufacturers use British and European standards that may differ from American bicycle manufacturers.

Components used on vintage bikes

When shopping for new and used vintage cycle parts on eBay, it's better to understand components of newer and vintage bicycles. The knowledge will allow you to find and replace parts easily. Most vintage bicycles use caliper brakes, which are slightly different from dual-caliper brakes used these days. If your bicycle uses V-brakes, then you may be in luck because these brakes were also common in older bicycles. Similarly, some of the vintage bicycles use a Mixte frame that is distinguished by two straight tubes running from the handle to the rear axle. These frames are different from the standard curve style tubes; therefore, it's wise to ask the owner if old bicycle parts for sale will suit a Mixte-frame bicycle.

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