Buy Timeless Classics: Vintage Baseball Bats at Inexpensive Prices on eBay

There is no denying the fact that a baseball bat is a highly prized possession for any baseball player. This is precisely why vintage bats used by former greats attract a lot of publicity and collector interest. If you want to impress your teammates, eBay has lots of reasonably priced old baseball bats.

Vintage baseball bat manufacturers

If you're a collector of antique baseball bats, knowing the names of famous companies can get you a good deal. Perhaps the most well-known company is Hillerich & Son, which is known to set the benchmark of early baseball bats. Almost all of their bats were 33 inches to 35 inches in length. These compare favorably to bats in this era. Hillerich was also the first company to endorse key players to sign their bats.

Spalding is another major company that is associated with producing some timeless classics. The company is known for its signed bats for the Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, and teams in the American League East Division. Wright and Ditson Nap Lajoie bats with double-ring handles are also loved by collectors as these bats were marketed to offer control when choking up. Early bats from Adirondack before its merger with Rawlings also attract a high price.

Types of classic vintage bats

There are mainly four types of antique baseball bats for sale attracting high bidders. These are:

  • Early period bats: It is interesting to note that non-branded baseball bats before 1885 are highly sought after because these bats were often made by players instead of a particular company or brand. Most bats from the era were designed for individual players; therefore, they had no standard dimensions.
  • Game-used bats: These old wooden bats are very valuable as some of these baseball bats were used to achieve important landmarks in the history of the game. While not all game-used bats recorded history, they are sold at a premium due to their association with a player or a certain aspect of their game.
  • Signed bats: These vintage baseball bats have an autograph of a player. Some of these used baseball bats were autographed during particular ceremonies while others were autographed by players on the field.
  • Collectible bats: These are souvenir and giveaway bats, which are specifically designed to honor an event, landmark, or player milestone. These stylish bats are mostly limited editions that are also given out during stadium events.
How can you buy a vintage bat?

If you want more value for your money, it's better to start by looking at the price of similar bats on eBay. In baseball's terminology, vintage is usually associated with old wooden baseball bats; therefore, bats made from metal and mixed materials may be less attractive to collectors. If you will be using the bat yourself, just make sure it's the right length and height for your body type.