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Vintage Barbie Clothing

Vintage Barbie Clothing

On March 9, 1959, Barbie made her debut at the American Toy Fair in New York City. The first American doll with adult features, her wardrobe introduced girls to various careers. Many enjoy collecting the vintage Barbie clothing from the 1960s.

How many fashions were available in 1959?

The Barbie doll is most known for her 1959 black and white zebra-striped swimsuit, but there were 23 outfit options available for her debut. Barbie also sported a blonde or brunette ponytail with curly bangs that year. Three of those were only produced that year: the Gay Parisienne, the Roman Holiday, and the Easter Parade. Other clothes included lingerie, travel wear, a casual dress, a formal dress, a wedding dress, and a picnic set.

Which 1960 Barbie clothing is most prevalent among collectors?

The Barbie dolls 1960 clothes included all but three of her 1959 classics and six additional ones. The vintage doll clothing included a blue corduroy jumper appliqued with felt, a black serving tray with the Barbie logo, and two soda glasses with cotton fizz and straws. The tiny white straws are considered to be rare. Other 1960 fashions included career clothing, evening wear, and party clothing.

How can original Barbie clothes be identified?

The first Barbie clothes were identified by a serial number and a name for each fashion piece. From 1959 to 1963, a series of numbers starting at 900 and progressing came with each outfit title. In 1964, Mattel introduced a 1600 series. Smaller quantities of the 1600 series were produced, making them as rare as the preceding 900 series. The most difficult of these to find are White Magic, Skaters Waltz, and Satin N Rose. Skaters Waltz, a seasonal favorite with nylon tights, fuzzy white mittens, and a ruffled skirt of pink felt, was also notable among collectors in 1960.

How long was the vintage edition of the doll produced?

The original Barbie doll and her accessories were discontinued in 1967, the year Mod Barbie made her debut. The updated Barbie appealed to a more hip, less formal generation in a rock and roll world. Also, Twist N Turn Barbie doll, who came with the first twistable waist, arrived on the scene in a two-piece orange bikini. These vintage Barbie dolls were marked with a commemorative stamp "1966" on the dolls bottom, leading later collectors to think they were manufactured in that year.

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