Vintage Acoustic Guitars

With a vintage acoustic guitar, you can play music on an instrument that's timeless. Vintage acoustic guitars, including those made by Harmony, Yamaha, and Gibson, have classic looks and high-quality construction. You can customize the experience by upgrading strings and putting on the right guitar strap.

What are some vintage acoustic guitar models available?

You can find a variety of guitar models if you're interested in playing something that was made to last. You can choose from the following body types:

  • Parlor - These acoustic guitars are smaller-bodied than other types. They were played in the late 1800s and early 1900s. You can use these to play blues or folk music.
  • Tenor - This is a four-string instrument. Gibson and C.F. Martin & Company were manufacturers of these vintage pieces. They can have a flat top or arch top, and they can have wood or metal-bodied resonators.
  • Dreadnought - The dreadnought is larger than other guitars. This can allow the instrument to have a riche, bolder tone.
  • Classical - This vintage guitar is made from wood and has nylon strings. The fingerboard typically has twelve frets and is ideal for playing more complex music that requires advanced finger-picking.

Can you find vintage guitar parts?

Yes, vintage guitar parts are available, so you can have everything you need to make your instrument complete.

  • Tuners: You can find tuners, including those by Fender, to make sure you can sound the right notes.
  • Strings: You can put either nylon or steel strings on a guitar. Nylon is used for classical and folk music, and steel strings are used for music, like rock. Some guitars are designed to accommodate a certain type of string, so be sure to take the time to understand what your vintage guitar was built for.

How can you get more from a vintage acoustic guitar?

Whether the guitar is by Gibson, Yamaha, or any other instrument manufacturers, regular upkeep can go a long way in helping the guitar's life. You can:

  • Keep your vintage guitar in a case. You can find cases that fit your specific type of guitar, whether it's a parlor instrument or a dreadnought.
  • Use a polishing cloth to clean the top, sides, and bottom of your guitar. A trace of dampness on the cloth or a warm breath of air on the guitar may be useful for getting rid of fingerprints and other smudges.
  • Check the conditions. Ideally, acoustic guitars should be held in rooms with humidities between 45% and 55%.

What are some vintage Gibson acoustic guitar models available?

Gibson has made guitars for all types of players. Some of the vintage Gibson instruments that you can choose from are:

  • Archtop Hollowbody Jazz Guitar
  • J45 Gibson Sunburst
  • The Gibson Nick Lucas Special
  • TG-25-N Acoustic Tenor Guitar
  • Gibson J-50

Are there any vintage Yamaha acoustic guitars?

If you'd like to stick with Yamaha, your choices could include:

  • FG-110 Red Label Nippon Gakki
  • Vintage Yamaha YW-800
  • Yamaha FG-300
  • Yamaha FG-45