Vintage 8V A/V Bulbs

Explore a Range of Options for Replacement 8V Bulbs

8v bulbs are common in stereos and other audio devices as primary interface light sources. If the current 8v bulbs in your equipment have burnt out, you can find a broad selection of suitable replacement bulbs at affordable prices on eBay. Understanding some of your options and how they work can help you find the right 8v LED replacement lamp for you.

What parts use 8v bulbs?

8v bulbs are small and compatible with many kinds of equipment. However, they may be most common in stereo receivers and other audio devices. Some common parts that make use of these lamps are:

  • Tuners:The tuners in stereo equipment often have a backlight so you can see where the dial is going even without other light sources handy. You can use an 8v bulb to get this effect with your tuner.
  • Control panels:Control panels on audio equipment host a range of buttons, switches, or dials that you can use to program how your device functions. An 8v 300ma fuse lamp can provide liquid-crystal illumination to these panels.
Can you use 8v LED bulbs in vintage stereo equipment?

Yes, 8v bulbs are compatible with many models of vintage audio equipment. Some classic equipment used incandescent lamps to provide illumination for many of the parts in the above list. These lamps were of similar size and shape to 8v replacement bulbs, but they used different technology to achieve the lighting effect. However, the bulbs you find on eBay have dimensions that can replace burnt-out incandescent lamps in your classic devices. You can see the manufacturer for specific details. These bulbs have a few properties that make them useful for this task:

  • Color:The LED diodes in each bulb maintain a color that is almost identical to classic lamps.
  • Hue:A standard bulb running at 300ma can maintain a tint or hue that is similar to an incandescent light.
  • Current:Most of these bulbs need far less power to function just like your older lamps.
Can you get 8v bulb replacements for other applications?

You will find a broad range of lamp sizes and types that use the 8v standard. You can use eBay to find the lights that meet your size or application needs. Some lamps are available as long strips for industrial applications. Note that some of these items may be available in bulk at low prices for your convenience. You can choose from both new and preowned bulbs in working condition.