Viking Refrigerators

Refrigerators allow you to store food and ingredients at cold temperatures for use at a later date. Viking Range, LLC, offers these appliances for your home or commercial kitchen. Many Viking refrigerators are ENERGY STAR rated for energy efficiency.

What kitchen measurements should you consider before purchasing a refrigerator?

There are several areas to measure before bringing your Viking refrigerator home:

  • Measure your space: Most kitchens have a certain place set aside for the refrigerator. You need to measure the width and length of this space so you know what sizes of refrigerator will fit.
  • Check for cabinets: If the Viking refrigerator has to fit under cabinets or within other woodwork, you will want to know the maximum height you have to work with.
  • Measure the door frame: Consider the size of any doors you will bring the refrigerator through. The appliance must be narrow enough to enter the kitchen.
What types of refrigerators does Viking make?

There are several refrigerator styles to choose from, including:

  • Viking refrigerator with the freezer on the top: The refrigerator will handle wide items like pizza boxes, and the freezer leaves ice and frozen foods within reach.
  • Single-door with a freezer drawer on the bottom: This style is designed to keep contents accessible and still accommodate wide items.
  • Viking side-by-side: This refrigerator was developed to make it convenient to find and reach its contents.
  • Viking French doors with a bottom drawer: Freezer drawers at the bottom facilitate access to frozen foods. Drawers with baskets can help you keep things organized and within reach. French doors increase access and storage space.
  • Viking all refrigerator: This is a one-piece solid refrigerator. It is designed for storing large items that may not fit in refrigerators that come with freezers.
What features do Viking professional refrigerators offer?

Viking professional refrigerators feature:

  • A variable-speed Viking DC overdrive compressor.
  • A Viking Pro Chill temperature management system, developed to save energy and reduce refrigerator noise while staying within 1 degree of the set temperature and providing a digital readout.
  • Viking Spillproof Plus tempered glass shelves that help contain refrigerator spills.
  • LED lighting on the top and sides of the refrigerator to provide more light while using less energy.
  • A Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier from Sharp Corporation, designed to kill bacteria and mold while removing odors.
  • Viking metal door bins that provide for more secure storage in the door shelves.
  • Extra heavy-duty DuraHinge technology that allows you to open doors wider for greater access.
  • An adjustable-temperature Viking ColdZone drawer that keeps foods 3 to 5 degrees colder than the temperature in the rest of the refrigerator.
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