Video Production & Editing Equipment

The shooting and editing of a video are the two steps before delivering an audience-ready show or movie. These two complex steps require equipment for the production and the post-production video editing on a computer. From choosing a suitable camera to the viewing of the final production, ensuring you have all the right production equipment and gear will streamline the entire process.

What are common types of video production equipment?

The budget and number of people you are using for the production of the video will determine what equipment is suitable. Many of the following options can be hooked up to a single operable device for solo videographers or used as individually manned devices for larger productions, and they include:

  • Video Production Camera: Options for shooting video are based solely on the desired outcome whether it’s intended for the internet, broadcast, or cinema. Everything from point-and-shoot cameras to a high-end digital cinema camera provides a wide variety of recording options for everything from web-only videos to ultra HD 4k viewing. A shoulder mount helps to stabilize any setup.
  • Audio Equipment: Choose from wired or wireless microphones to portable camera audio attachments, to boom poles and shotgun microphones. Shock mounts stabilize shotgun mics on boom poles, and headphones can be used to monitor sound as it happens. All cables should be confirmed they properly fit the chosen video equipment.
  • Camera Lens Options: Choose from a wide-angle lens for the fish-eye visual, a polarizer lens for sunny situations, or a macro lens for the intense close-ups. A mirrorless camera offers interchangeable lens options.
  • Video Lighting: The proper scene may need better lighting, and you can choose from simple handheld light reflectors, electric lights that can be affixed to the video camera, or full light setups with stands for indoor video shoots.
  • Video Storage: Memory cards, tapes, or DVDs will be necessary to store the audiovisual data, and batteries will be needed to power everything in case electrical outlets are not available. External hard drives serve as a backup or to store excess data in order to leave recording space available.
  • Gear Storage: All video equipment needs storage to keep it safe on any journey during the shooting process. This storage gear may accompany some production equipment, but heavy travelers should consider more durable cases with extra firm or thick padding.
What is a video editing suite?

A video editing suite is computer software, known as an application program, to manipulate and rearrange digital video sequences through a non-linear editing (NLE) system. This computer software for digital video editing is designed for either audio, NLAE, or video, NLVE, to perform non-destructive editing on the source material. Some people find the use of two monitors beneficial in the editing process to easily compare and contrast edits side-by-side.

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