Customize Your Xbox Gaming Using Xbox One Elite Replacement Parts and Tools

The Xbox One Elite controller allows gamers on both the Xbox One and PC to customize their controllers with a wide range of parts and design modifications. With these parts you can choose your own colors and feel of the controller to best suit your needs. Before searching eBay for Xbox One Elite controller parts, review this information to help make your search easier.

What types of Xbox One Elite controller parts are available?

Here’s a list of parts that can be used to repair or customize your Elite controller:

  • Paddles - These will sometimes be listed as triggers on eBay. The Elite controller consists of 6 paddles that can be customized and remapped to different games.
  • Thumbsticks - Xbox Elite controller parts like the thumbsticks come in different heights. The OEM options come in standard, tall, and domed versions, while aftermarket sticks can come in different colors and designs.
  • D-pads - These can come in standard plus sign designs along with faceted and other shapes depending on your play style.
  • Battery packs - These can come in OEM and aftermarket options that allow you to recharge the controller instead of using the standard AA batteries. These packs will replace the standard battery cover.
  • Grips/cases - These can come in different finishes such as carbon fiber and rubber. You can also choose from different colors depending on the brand.
Choosing the right parts for your controller

You can follow these tips when choosing Xbox One Elite spare parts:

  • Choose a type - Some common Xbox One Elite controller replacement parts include buttons, cases, motherboards, and the tools used to customize your controller.
  • Select a brand - Microsoft manufacturers OEM Elite controller replacement parts. Other companies produce aftermarket parts that are designed to be compatible with the controller as well.
  • Choose a color - Colors will vary depending on the manufacturer and materials used in the parts. You can also choose from different coatings such as metallic and gloss that give a different look to the paint.
How are Xbox One Elite controller parts priced?

The Xbox One Elite controller can be customized with OEM and aftermarket parts. New parts will typically be more expensive than used components. In cases where parts are from a special or limited edition, these can also carry a premium. You can choose between individual parts or a full set. A full set can be a cheaper alternative than buying individual parts and should be considered if you’re looking to replace more than one part.

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