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Why Do Online Sellers Offer Wholesale Lots Of Video Games?

Wholesale video game lots often contain a variety of games for an old console such as a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or GameCube. Sellers often offer games as a bulk purchase because the age of the products means they appeal to retro gamers and collectors, but not always the general public looking for a new release. Buyers should be aware that many sellers are offering wholesale lots for sale as seen. The games may be old, broken, or untested, and may lack packaging and instruction manuals. However, for a low price, retro gamers have the chance to sort through a large selection of titles and may even be able to repair cartridges and discs that are not working correctly.

How Can You Clean Old Video Games?

Most video games come on cartridges, such as NES games, or discs, such as PlayStation games. When purchasing cartridges or discs in a bulk lot, there is a chance that some of them may have deposits of dirt or grime that prevent the games from loading. For cartridges, cleaning involves applying rubbing alcohol to a Q-tip, and then rubbing the Q-tip along the contacts until they are shiny. If this does not work, it is possible to disassemble the cartridge to clean the contacts with some fine sandpaper. When doing this, extreme caution is essential to avoid damaging the contacts. To clean a disc, hold the disc by the edges, making sure not to touch the shiny part, and blow off any loose dust particles. Next, spray the shiny side of the disc with a cleaning solution and then wipe clean with a soft cloth, moving the cloth from the center of the disc to the outside edge. If the disc is scratched, it is possible to restore it with a CD repair machine.

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