Video Game Accessories

Video Game Accessories

Bring New Life to Old Games with Video Games Accessories

With the average new video game price hovering around $6, it’s understandable why gamers want to get the most out of each title. And one way to breathe new life and fun into old video games—or get the most out of a new one—is by adding the right video game accessories. For example, if you’ve always played Need for Speed on one of your standard video game gamepad controllers, adding one of the latest video game racing wheels will change the way the whole game feels. Or, update your Xbox controller to a wireless option for easier gaming.Not sure what accessories are available? Browse eBay’s Mad Catz video game controllers to get some ideas. From an ergonomic gamepad that makes marathon gaming sessions more comfortable to a programmable flight stick that lets you pilot into deep space with ease, you can count on us when it comes time to buy video gaming accessories online. Regardless of whether you’re looking for new or used video game accessories, we have what you need.

Prepare for Battle Online

Just like a soldier wouldn’t go to war without his rifle and communication gear, serious gamers shouldn’t enter the MMOG arena without the right gaming accessories. Make sure you’re ready to talk strategy with your team (and a little trash with your opponents) with a headband video game headset, like the top-rated Turtle Beach video game headsets, or send a quick text with a wireless video game keyboard. And don’t forget to keep an extra set of controller batteries close by so your PS4 controller doesn’t run out of juice in the middle of an epic battle.

Get Moving

Scientists report that ̶active” video games like Kinect Sports and Just Dance are a good source of physical activity. So if you’re ready to exercise more than just your thumbs, make sure you’ve got the right setup. Motion sensors and cameras—like those made for the Nintendo Wii, the Xbox One or the PS4—will transport you right into the game, capturing your every move. Pick up an extra Wii controller to get your friends in on the action, too.But why stop there? On eBay, you can find all kinds of video game accessories for sale, from gaming headsets to tennis racquets and balance boards—and if you buy them in a bundle, like these Wii accessories bundles, you can save some money over buying them at your local video game accessories store.