Victory motorcycles were manufactured in the U.S. between 1998 and 2017. Designed to compete with Harley-Davidson, the bikes have V-twin engines and are configured for cruising, touring, or sport-touring. The first Victory motorcycle was the V92C.

What were the different makes of Victory motorcycles?

Polaris made over 20 versions of the Victory motorcycles. The Cross Country and the Kingpin covered 18 generations of production, the Hammer spanned 19 generations, and the Victory covered 23 generations. The Victory Vision had 25 generations. The Empulse TT, the Octane, and the Gunner were all one-generation models. There were also three generations of the Magnum and five generations of the High Ball. Discontinued makes include the Jackpot, Crossroads, Boardwalk, Judge, Hard Ball, Core, Touring, Touring Cruiser, and V92. Other styles included the Vegas, the Judge, and the Ness Signature Series.

Was the Victory brand discontinued?

Polaris owned the company that made Victory motorcycles, but it discontinued the brand in 2017. Polaris shifted its production to the Indian motorcycle and also announced plans to further develop the Slingshot. Polaris also manufactures snowmobiles, ATVs, personal watercraft, electric vehicles, and off-road vehicles.

What was the V92C?

The V92C was the first of the Victory motorcycles. Polaris introduced it in 1998 at Planet Hollywood in the Mall of America. It was later called the Classic Cruiser and was discontinued after 2003. There were also Special Edition and Deluxe models as well as a V92C Sports Cruiser and a V92C Touring Cruiser.

What was the last model?

The Octane, introduced in 2017, shares many features with the Indian Scout but was patterned after the Project 156 Pikes Peak racer. It was made with a single seat and can be converted to a two-in-one exhaust for extra power. Polaris has guaranteed parts for the Octane for the next 10 years. Approximately 4,000 of the bikes were sold around the globe.

Are parts and accessories available for Victory motorcycles?

Parts and accessories are still available on eBay Motors for repairing, upgrading, or making Victory motorcycles more comfortable. Included are motorcycle gear, controls and handlebars, windshields, oil and chemicals, lighting, seats and backrests, tires, brake pads, and suspensions. Fans of the bikes can also acquire gifts and accessories like these:

  • Trifold wallets, credit card holders, passport holders, waist packs, and phone cases
  • Window stickers, decals, and emblems
  • Bike mats with logo for the garage
  • Childs balance bikes
  • Backpacks, cargo bags, luggage, bandannas, apparel, belts, and buckles