Give Your Old Favorites a New Chance at Life With a VHS-C Adapter

The VHS-C was a smaller format version of the more traditional VHS tapes many are familiar with. While they found great use in a number of different recording devices, playback could be a pain given their size made them unable to fit within the more ubiquitous VHS player. The VHS-C adapter, found on eBay, is a device shaped like a normal VHS tape that would allow all your favorite VHS-C media to be played as if it were the standard VHS format instead.

What do VHS-C adapters do when placed in VCRs?

Once a VHS-C cassette is properly placed inside a VHS-C adapter case, it can be used inside a standard VCR like any VHS tape would. The adapter comes fitted with a battery-powered motor that allows it to more easily spin the reels that feed tape through the cassette in time with the adapter's own reels spinning. In essence, the adapter itself is enabled to "read" the magnetic tape within the cassette, then "translate" it to the VCR as if it's being "read" from its own tape. This allows the video captured on the VHS-C to play on a television as normal.

Can you use a VHS-C adapter to record video?

It is possible to record video on a VHS-C cassette while it is installed into an adapter. Just like with a normal VHS tape, one would only need to press the record button on the VCR while the adapter was inside for the device to begin writing to the cassette. You can also press in the recording tab just as you would a traditional VHS without issue to prevent this from happening by accident.

Can you use other types of cassettes in the adapter?

While certain other types of cassette tape may fit inside the VHS-C adapter, these will not play on a VCR when used. The only type of cassette you should place inside one of these adapters is a VHS-C cassette tape. You would risk damage to the tape, adapter, or even the VCR by doing otherwise.

What are some brands of VHS-C adapter you can buy?

Though the VHS-C format was originally invented by the Victor Company of Japan in 1982, there are many other corporations that adopted the technology and the adapter design for their own purposes. Some of these businesses include:

  • Panasonic
  • RCA
  • Maxell
  • Konig
  • HQ