Vga To Hdmi Cable

Connect Your Favorite Hardware With a VGA to HDMI Cable

A VGA to HDMI cable lets you connect a VGA port to a device that only accepts HDMI cable. The following four questions cover key points to bear in mind when making a purchase, as the selection on eBay is large.

What types of brands does this work with?

A VGA to HDMI cable is compatible with any brand regardless of hardware type, software, and operating systems. This cable merely connects two different types of ports so that you can interface between different types of hardware. Specifically, the VGA to HDMI cable lets you connect your laptop or desktop to an HDMI monitor or television set. This setup lets you cast your laptop or desktop screen to a second monitor or your television. You can also open multiple windows, including your media players and split their displays between your laptop/desktop and your monitor or television.

What VGA to HDMI cable connector type should you get?

It depends on what youre attempting to connect. You have to confirm the types of ports on either side of your setup, and then select the appropriate type of VGA to HDMI cable. When connecting VGA to HDMI, the VGA is your "A" side and requires the appropriate "A" connector. For VGA, that could be VGA/SVGA D-Sub Female or VGA/SVGA D-Sub Male. Consult your devices instructions to conform port and adapter shape. For "B" HDMI connectors, your choices are listed here:

  • HDMI 1.4 Mini Male, HDMI 1.4 Standard Female, and HDMI 1.4 Standard Male
  • HDMI Micro Female and HDMI Micro Male,
  • HDMI Mini Female and HDMI Mini Male
  • HDMI Standard Female and HDMI Standard Male
How do you use a 1080P VGA to HDMI cable?

The 1080P refers to video resolution. When youre connecting a VGA video output to an HDMI audio/video display, opt for a cable engineered to support a video resolution equal to that of your display device, be it a monitor, second computer/laptop, or television. A resolution of 1080P officially qualifies as high definition (HD) or full definition (FHD). As a result, you can find VGA to HDMI cable products identified as HDTV PC, HD DVD, and FHD.

What are some of the brands to choose from?

There is an enormous assortment of available brands on eBay. The assortment boasts manufacturers based locally and internationally. Some of the brands you may encounter include the ones listed here:

  • Apple, Belkin, and Lenovo
  • Dell, Acer, and Sisco
  • GE, RCA, and Radio Shack
  • QVS, Manhattan, and Akai