Find Out All the Important Details About VGA Cables

Video graphics array connectors have a very important role in modern electronics because they let you transfer data between video cards, computer monitors, laptops, televisions, and projectors. Whenever you plan to hook up a monitor to a computer or send your laptop images to a television screen, you will need a VGA cord. With a wide range of sizes and types of reasonably priced VGA cables, eBay makes it easy to get the connector you need.

Is there a difference between VGA and super VGA cables?

Since super VGA cables are technically a type of VGA cable, they are frequently confused for each other. They can both plug in to the same sockets and transmit images, but a SVGA cable slightly improves transmission. Its cable is a little thicker due to the extra shielding, and some SVGA connectors have gold pins for enhanced transmission. SVGA cables are preferred for transmitting signals over lengths of 10 feet or more.

How do you find the right type of VGA cable?

With all the choices available on eBay, you can easily find the ideal cable for your needs. All you need to do is think about these factors before you make your decision.

  • Length: There are many lengths to choose from ranging from as short as 3 feet to as long as 100 feet. You just need a length that will fit properly between the two devices you plan to connect.
  • Connectors: Most monitors, screens, and computers have the female socket part already installed, so you typically need a cable with a male plug. However, there are VGA cables with male to female connectors if you need to adapt a plug.
  • Materials: For longer cords, you may want SVGA styles that contain additional materials that help to maintain signal integrity.
  • Type: The most common style has VGA plugs on either end. If necessary, look for one end with a USB plug, HDMI connector, or other option.
Should you get VGA cables with screws on the side?

When browsing through all the listings on eBay, you will see that some cables have screws mounted on each side of the plug. You can wind these to hold the plug in place once it is fitted in the socket if you want to reduce the chance of the cable falling out of the socket. However, the presence of screws does not affect transmission in any way.