Growing Your First Garden From Seed

Growing your garden can be a rewarding experience. When you grow your food, you eat more fruits and vegetables. You get to decide if you will use herbicides, insecticides, or fertilizers. Homegrown food also is higher in many nutrients than that purchased at a grocery store. If you have never gardened before, then you may have some questions before you start putting seeds in the ground.

Garden seed terminology

There are some terms you need to know before choosing garden plants. They include:

  • Heirloom – These seeds grow plants that have remained unchanged for 50 years or more.
  • Open pollination – These seeds fertilize through natural means, like the wind, birds, or insects.
  • GMO seeds – This is a term for seeds that are injected in a laboratory to produce a new type of plant as opposed to non-GMO seeds that are developed naturally.
  • Hybrid – These seeds are produced by crossing one variety of plant with another one.
  • Organic – These are seeds from plants grown without the use of chemicals and certified by a government organization.
Types of heirloom veggies

You can save seeds from a plant grown with heirloom seeds, and they will produce the same type of plant the next growing season. Most heirloom seeds produce a better tasting vegetable, and in many cases, they are more nutritious.

Types of heirloom beans

There are many types of heirloom beans, including:

  • Blue Coco Bean – These hardy beans were developed before 1775, and their runners grow to be about 8.5 feet long with purple snap bean pods that are about 7 inches long when mature.
  • Brown Lazy Wife Bean – These lentil-like beans were developed before 1705, and their runners grow to be about 8 feet long with green pods that are about 4 inches long when mature.
Types of heirloom lima beans

There two common types of heirloom lima beans:

  • Carolina lima beans – These beans that were first recorded in 1591, and they can grow up to 16 feet tall. Each vine produces many small pods, with each pod having three white, chalky beans.
  • King of the Garden – These beans were first cultivated in 1883, and they can grow up to 9 feet tall and produce pods up to 8 inches long. Each pod contains five to six beans.
Types of heirloom tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes, which you can start in an indoor garden, come in many different colors, including:

  • Purple – You can find purple heirloom tomatoes, like the violet Jasper.
  • Yellow – Yellow heirloom tomatoes like the pilcer vesy are available.
  • Red – These include the Granny Cantrell.
  • White – The Great White is an example of these pale tomatoes.

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