Top Picks for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Him & Her

Valentine's Day is a time to show that special someone just how much they mean to you, and eBay can help find the perfect romantic gift for your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

From timeless jewelry to the latest tech, we have everything you need for a Valentine's Day surprise they’ll love.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

There are plenty of good gift ideas out there for your husband or boyfriend. The key is to find a gift that shows you know him best. A new cell phone or smart watch are both great picks for the techie. Dress shirts, a wallet, or a traditional watch fit the stylish man. Looking for something more romantic? It's perfectly acceptable to surprise him with your new lingerie!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

A Valentine's Day gift for your wife or girlfriend should make her feel loved and appreciated. Jewelry is always a popular choice—the right necklace or bracelet makes for a memorable gift she can enjoy for years to come.

Do you need help finding the perfect Valentine's Day idea for a fashionista? Handbags, purses, a smart watch, or even a stylish cell phone case are strong contenders. Consider picking up a bottle of her favorite perfume for a romantic and practical gift.

Still looking for a V-Day idea to set her heart aflutter? Try something connected to a meaningful place (like French wine in honor of your honeymoon in Paris). Whatever you do, don’t overthink things! The right gift could be as simple as a picture frame featuring a beautiful photo of your family.

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Is it always difficult to shop for your significant other? Remember that eBay is the best place to buy collectibles and rare items online. That means you can pick up a classic comic book, sports memorabilia, coins, and more for the person you love.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for New Relationships

Don’t stress out over your first Valentine’s Day; it’s possible to find a thoughtful gift even if you haven’t been in a relationship for very long.

Perfume, cologne, candy, or a Valentine’s Day gift basket all show that you care without moving too fast when the relationship is new. Include a Valentine’s Day balloon and you’re set!

If he or she is the one, they’ll remember how you made the inaugural Valentine’s Day special.

Valentine’s Day Gifts Kids Love

Don’t forget the littlest Valentines—your kids! You can't go wrong with candy or a small gift to show that this is a day everyone gets to celebrate.

Valentine’s Day Gift Do’s & Don’ts

Here are tips to help you make the right decision when shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts this year:

  • DO pick a gift that lines up with their interests, a memory, or that they wouldn’t necessarily splurge on themselves
  • DO remember to get a card and take the time to write down how you feel
  • DON’T shop for clothing or lingerie unless you know their size
  • DON’T wait until the last minute to look for a thoughtful gift—it will cause you a lot of unnecessary stress