Top Picks for Valentine’s Day

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Giving Gifts to Friends, Family and Loved Ones

Valentine's Day is not just 24 hours reserved for romantic couples. People celebrate the event worldwide by giving gifts to others dear to their hearts. Friends and family members exchange simple gifts as a token of their appreciation while romantics lavish each other with rich candies, blooming flowers, and "I Love You" cards. You can always find the right Valentine’s Day gifts on eBay because of the selection and variety it has to offer that make the holiday fun and personal. 

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

You can't go wrong when giving toddlers, tweens or teens lollipops, or, cat or dog pillows for their beds. On the other hand, Moms always appreciate heart necklaces, bracelets, or anything letting her know, "She's the Greatest."    

When thinking about Valentine's Day ideas for her (whomever that may be), you can surprise her with vintage jewelry or some disneyana. Whether your present is for a daughter, mother, grandmother or friend, eBay also has a selection of popular and designer handbags, sweet fragrances, and other gifts she will absolutely love.  

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

eBay makes buying for guys easy whether they're one-year-olds or grandpas. Boys of any age like fan gear, Legos, talking and remote-control toys, and yummy brownies shaped like hearts. A smart watch or traditional watch are a playful way of telling your lucky fella that you have time for him.    

The technophile might prefer a new or refurbished cell phone and matching accessories. Or, your favorite guy can take inflatable chairs to camping trips or portable grills to picnics and beach parties. eBay has gifts for all of the special men in our lives including brothers, fathers and uncles. Other electronic gadgets and gift cards are also available. 

Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Significant Other

Choose jewelry for him or her that recognizes milestones in your relationship—a friendship bracelet, a promise ring, an engagement ring. Your sense of smell is most closely tied to memory, so create new memories with a new perfume or cologne. Here are more ideas:  

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her: It doesn't matter if you buy for a girlfriend or wife, romantics like heartfelt gifts that express sentimental feelings. Write down in a journal what you love about her. Add to that, sterling silver earrings and a scented candle to capture her heart. 

Valentine's Day Gifts for Husbands: The man in your life who seems to have everything probably doesn't have a watch display case for his many timepieces—whether they are smart watches or classic timepieces. Or maybe he has a favorite designer or brand and it’s time to add accessories to his collection, like belts, sunglasses and wallets.