Vacuum Storage Bags

When storage space is at a premium, vacuum bags can be your saving grace. Use them to store bed quilts, comforters, pillows, and seasonal clothing. They can also be used to make the most of luggage or backpack space when traveling.

What is a space bag?

Vacuum storage bags are designed to compress items into a smaller packaged space. Different sizes are used, depending on the items you want to package. Medium bags, or larger, can be used for bulky items like sweaters. Available sizes include small, medium, large, extra large, and jumbo. Sealing and compression methods may also differ. Excess air can be removed from a vacuum storage bag by using a vacuum hose, portable pump, or by rolling bags until all the air is released.

How do you vacuum seal clothes?

Using a vacuum storage bag is easy. Any household vacuum with an intake hose can be used. Regardless of the compression method, the steps are similar. Before you begin, fold your clean and dry apparel, bedding, or other material. Gather together all the items that will be placed into one storage bag. Choose the right size bags for the amount of clothing or other items you have to store. Repeat the following steps for all the bags you intend to store.

  1. Open the bag, making sure it is fully open and extended.
  2. Arrange all the items inside the bag. Make certain that you do not exceed the fill line usually marked on the bag. Your items should take up two-thirds of the total space.
  3. Firmly seal the opening either by hand or using the vendor's zipper slider. Press down along the length of the zipper line several times.
  4. Remove the cap on the vacuum seal opening. Place the hose over it, and turn on the vacuum cleaner or pump.
  5. Once the bag is completely compressed, remove the hose and close the seal opening.
  6. To avoid using a vacuum, choose a storage bag that uses the roll-up method and follow items 1 through 5 above. Then press down as you slowly roll the bag away from you. A hissing sound confirms air is escaping from the bag.
How do you use space bags?

Vacuum storage bags can be used for permanent or temporary seasonal storage. These bags preserve, store, and protect your belongings and can make moving and traveling much more convenient. Below are some of the ways these items can be used.

  • Preserve: Use storage bags to preserve heirlooms or fragile items.
  • Storage: Free up more space by compressing bulky items inside storage bags.
  • Protect: Items placed in storage bags are safe from dirt, insects, and environmental contaminants.
  • Moving: Pack clothes in bags to save space and speed the moving process.
  • Travel: Keep clothes tightly packed in storage bags to protect items from dirt, spills, and careless handling.
What kind of vacuum storage bag is suitable for bedspreads?

For storage of bedspreads, coverlets, and large comforters, use one that measures approximately 40 inches by 30 inches. Look for slightly thicker material so that these large items will be secure in storage.