Powerful and Inexpensive Vacuum Pumps for Sale

If you want to use vacuum pumps to achieve higher output and greater efficiency, then you can find a variety of inexpensive vacuum pumps for sale on eBay. In fact, you can also combine multiple vacuum pumps to get the desired results.

What are the main types of vacuum pumps for sale?

Based on the technique, new or used vacuum pumps for sale are divided into three distinct categories: positive displacement pump, momentum transfer pump, and regenerative pump.

  • Positive displacement pumps - These usually constitute the widest variety of vacuum pumps on eBay. This type of pump uses a simple technique of creating a partial vacuum by increasing the volume of the container. A compartment of the vacuum is sealed off repeatedly to expand or compress the space.
  • Momentum transfer pumps - These create a vacuum by accelerating the gas molecules from the vacuum side to the exhaust side. Due to their high pumping speeds, these pumps can displace a larger area compared to the displacement pumps.
  • Regenerative pumps - These are also known as side-channel pumps. Due to the high pumping rates from the atmosphere to high vacuum, this type of vacuum pump is mainly used to load locks in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

You may also come across other varieties of new and used vacuum pumps, such as entrapment pump, venturi vacuum pump, and steam ejectors.

Buying a vacuum pump based on performance

If you require a powerful vacuum pump with a higher pumping speed, then momentum transfer pumps and entrapment pumps will offer the highest performance as the pumping volume per unit of time is greater than the standard positive displacement pump. It should also be noted that the performance of gas-powered pumps such as these also depends on the composition of the gas.

While inexpensive positive displacement pumps have less pumping speed compared to other versions, they are known for offering a constant volume flow rate. The maximum constant volume flow rate can also be achieved with specific types of momentum transfer pumps.

Using multiple vacuum pumps to achieve high vacuum rates

You can achieve greater vacuum rates and higher efficiency using a combination of positive displacement pumps and momentum transfer pumps. Using these two pumps, the positive displacement pumps can obtain rough vacuum in the vessel because the momentum transfer pump is unable to pump at low atmospheric pressures. Once the volume is achieved, the momentum pump can be used to increase the rate of vacuum. Plenty of vacuum pumps are available on eBay to help you achieve your desired objectives using more than one pump.