Advances in technology have led to the development of new Visio Smart TVs, which make use of web connectivity and a range of advanced features like a high-density display to make your entertainment experiences better than ever. These multimedia centers are fully supported within the Visio TV itself, making it possible for you to stream video, browse the web, and numerous other activities with just the push of a button or a vocal command.

What is a Smart TV?

A Visio Smart TV has the ability to connect to the internet and display streaming video. They often also come with apps installed on them such as Netlix, Hulu, VUDU, Sling, and Amazon Instant Video, all of which allow you to stream video content to your TV with a subscription. In addition to these apps, there are usually various other apps that you can choose to install to gain access to specialized news services or individual channels. Smart TVs often come with two options for connections, either a Wi-Fi signal, or a wired Ethernet cable. Depending on what you are going to be using your TV for, you may want to choose one over the other. For instance, if your TV screen is capable of playing in high definitions such as 4K, you might want to use a wired HDMI connection if you will be streaming content at that level of resolution. However, for most setups, a wireless signal will be plenty to keep up with regular usage.

What are some features of Smart HDTVs?

Smart HDTVs can have a variety of different features. Visio TVs often have an HD display to allow streaming of HD video formatting. Some features of Visio Smart TVs that are very common or universal between different models include internet connectivity, the ability to install apps that add additional functionality to the TV, and support for various connected devices. Some may have some additional audio features like a sound bar. Other common features on Visio TVs include:

  • Voice Search: Many models of Visio TVs have a function that allows the user to tell the TV verbally what app they want to open or what show they want to search for, and the TV can respond to it.
  • Mobile Remote: Some smartphones support apps that allow them to connect to the TV and function as the control. Most people know where their phone is at all times, so when your phone does the job of controlling your television, you don't have to worry about having to search your house for the regular controller when you want to sit down and watch your favorite show.
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