Selecting a V-Mount Battery

There is an endless variety of V-mount batteries to choose from on eBay. Here are a few of the top criteria to consider when choosing a V-mount battery.

Which factors are most critical in V-mount battery selection?

Most considerations for your purchase of a new or used V-mount battery are dependent on specific end-use as detailed below.

  • Capacity: Video equipment consumes a lot of power and shooting locations are often remote. It is crucial to have enough battery power to keep your equipment functional from start to finish.
  • Size & Weight: You will be carrying not just your camera but also the batteries to keep it running. With so many video shoots in remote locations, it is vital to have a battery that squeezes the a large capacity into a small, light package.
  • D-tap outlets: One of the benefits of V-mount batteries is the ability to charge multiple pieces of equipment using just one power source. D-tap outlets facilitate this action. How many there are and where they are located is a vital consideration.
  • Stackability: Stackability is the ability to attach multiple batteries to your camera and switch them out individually. Stackability lets you swap empty batteries for full ones without losing power completely.
  • Airplane Safety: Camera batteries are highly restricted on passenger flights. Look for batteries under 100kWh labeled "flight-safe." The rules change frequently, so always review the updated IATA Rules before purchasing any V-mount battery
Are V-mount batteries compatible with all cameras?

A "dummy" battery replaces your camera's original battery and connects via attached cord to the corresponding 12V port of the V-plate. V-mounts were designed for professionals and must be attached to 15-millimeter camera rigging. Many sellers on eBay offer bundled packages combining everything you need in one purchase.

What items can you charge with a V-mount battery?

Nearly any device can be charged through D-tap outlets standard on most V-mount batteries or V-plates. With many configurations available, you can choose the exact combination of battery and V-plate functionality to charge nearly any device. As needs change, your charging configuration is adapted by replacing the V-plate with a new one with the desired functionality. The standard 14.8V output of V-mount batteries will safely charge most devices. With an array of V-mount batteries on eBay, it is easy to customize your power supply and ensure you never miss the shot.

What is a V-mount battery?

V-mount describes the mechanism used to attach an after-market battery to existing camera rigging. The V-mount creates a secure lock that can withstand rough handling. V-mount is the industry standard worldwide, you can find a variety of batteries and accessories featuring V-mount locks on eBay.