Effectively Transport and Store Your Data With USB Flash Drives

Whether you are a student, working professional, or freelance photographer, you need data storage and transport devices. The most common and straightforward device for this purpose is a USB flash drive. eBay has a wide variety of USB flash drive packs to help you manage and transport any and all data that you have.

What size flash drive should you get?

The size of USB flash drive that you need depends mostly on what types of data you will be putting on them. More memory storage is ideal for larger file sizes, but it is also more expensive, so if you do not necessarily need the larger size, it may be better to purchase a flash-drive pack with a smaller memory. In general, drives with 8GB of memory are useful for storing text documents and some photos and video, while larger-capacity drives of 64GB or more are standard for storing large digital-media files, such as mp3s and videos.

These are the most common capacity sizes for USB flash drives and how many minutes of video or pages of text they can hold:

  • 1 GB: 320 minutes or 40,000 pages
  • 2 GB: 640 minutes or 80,000 pages
  • 8 GB: 2,650 minutes or 320,000 pages
What is the difference between a 2.0 and 3.0 drive?

The number relates to the speed that the flash drive transmits information. USB 2.0 transmits data at 15 MB/s while USB 3.0 transmits data at 100 MB/s. When you use USB 3.0, the computer that you are using must also support USB 3.0, otherwise, even a USB 3.0 will transmit data at 2.0 speeds. However, for most files, like documents or pictures, the difference in speed will be barely noticeable.

What material should you choose for a flash drive?

The right material depends on how and where you will be using your flash drive. If you will be keeping your flash drive in one place, a plastic casing is fine. But for more repeated use or transport, look for a durable aluminum casing or other hardy material. Waterproofing is also available on some models, which is beneficial if you carry your flash drive in a pocket or bag that could get wet.

How do you maintain security on a flash drive?

Based on the way you use your flash drive pack and the type of data you store on it, security can be an important issue. You can easily find flash drives that have extra levels of security, including password protection of the files or fingerprint scanning to access the drive.