Everything You Need to Know About Unlocked Metro PCS Phones

You can find many choices of Metro PCS phones at low prices on eBay. The stylish Metro PCS phones can include a variety of well-known brands, features, and more and are unlocked to work with multiple carriers.

What carriers work with Metro PCS?

The unlocked Metro PCS phones can work with any type of carrier that uses the GSM network. Simply by switching out your SIM cards, you will be able to transfer your phone number, contacts, and other types of personal information with ease. The carriers that work with the GSM network will all use SIM cards.

Storing photos, music, and videos on unlocked Metro PCS phones

You can transfer your videos, photos, and music from phone to phone by using a MicroSD card. There are many types of unlocked Metro PCS phones on eBay. Some types come with more internal storage space than others, but many of them also come with memory card slots that allow you to expand the phone's memory by placing a memory card into the slot.

Brands of unlocked Metro PCS phones

Some of the brands of unlocked Metro PCS phones you can find include the following:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Motorola
  • HTC
  • LG

What connections do unlocked Metro PCS phones use?

Since Metro PCS carries different brands of phones, the connections will vary per each type of model. However, most of the phones will come with a USB charger that connects to a power adapter. You can also use the same USB cable to charge your phone on your computer. Moreover, you will be able to transfer files back and forth with your computer via the USB cable. You can generally expect unlocked Metro PCS phones to have either Type C or lighting connections.

Choosing a preowned unlocked Metro PCS phone

You can find both new and used Metro PCS phones on eBay, but preowned ones can sometimes offer you the phone you want at a more affordable price. Oftentimes, preowned phones don't show any signs of wear, and if you mostly care about function rather than aesthetics and don't mind a few tiny nicks, then preowned Metro PCS phones could help you save money. You might also want to consider purchasing a preowned unlocked Metro PCS phone if you just want to try out the unlocked version of the phone before you invest in a brand-new one.

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