Comfortably Watch TV with a Universal TV Wall Mount

Get rid of the clutter of television stands and mount your TV on the wall with a universal TV wall mount. Position your TV set exactly where you want it for the most comfortable viewing angle. To easily find a universal TV wall mount on eBay, it's beneficial to know a bit of basic information about the products.

Can any flat screen TV be wall mounted?

The majority of flat-screen TVs are designed to be mounted on the wall. To be absolutely sure that your TV will accommodate a wall mount, look through the manual or on the TV itself for "VESA" followed by a number. Any TV wall mount with the same VESA number will work on your TV. Universal TV wall mounts are designed to accommodate most TV sets within a specific size range on the market regardless of the brand. The adjustable brackets on universal TV wall mounts allow you to easily match them up with the mounting holes on your TV. Just ensure you choose a universal wall mount that is designed for the weight of your TV by checking for the specific TV size range capacity listed on the mount.

What types of universal TV wall mounts are there?

There are three different main types of universal TV wall mounts to accommodate your exact viewing angles. These various design models include the following:

  • Fixed: This mount securely places your TV at a solid position in line with your wall.
  • Tilting: This type of mount allows you to tilt your TV screen up or down as desired.
  • Full motion: This mount provides a full range of motion to angle your TV up or down, left to right, or for straight on viewing from either side of your room.
How do you choose a universal TV wall mount?

Choosing the right universal TV wall mount depends on your personal viewing preferences and needs. First, decide on the location you will be mounting your TV. The majority of universal TV wall mounts are designed to be anchored on a flat wall, but there are some models which allow you to anchor your TV mount into the corner of a room. Next, consider where you will be sitting for the majority of the time you watch TV. Will you want to angle your television up or down or have the option of turning it from side to side for more seating options? This determines if you will be looking for a fixed, tilting, or full motion TV mount. Once you have decided that, the only thing left is to choose a universal TV mount that will securely hold the weight of your television. Different TV brands vary in weight regardless of having the same sizing as other brands. Before purchasing, check the product description of your selected universal TV mount for information about the maximum weight and screen size it can hold.