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What Are The Different Types Of United States Postal Stamps?

There are three common types of United States postal stamps. The first is a definitive stamp, which refers to regular postage for everyday mail purposes. The most valuable definitive stamps are usually those that contain errors. The second is commemorative stamps, which pay tribute to a particular event or historical figure. The third type is a "special" stamp, which typically relates to a special occasion, such as a holiday. They are usually larger than definitive stamps. Collectors often seek special stamps depicting a pop culture icon, animal, or geographical locale.

How Can You Care For And Preserve U.S. Stamps?

Handle valuable stamps while wearing cotton gloves to avoid damage caused by the oils in your skin, and place the stamps on acid-free stamp papers. For delicate stamps, use stamp tongs when transferring the stamps to albums and display frames. Remove any dust particles with a soft brush, and store the stamps in an area that is relatively cool and has low humidity levels.

Which Are The Most Valuable U.S. Stamps?

The 1867 Abraham Lincoln stamp is one of the rarest and most valuable United States stamps, valued at over 200,000 dollars, as well as the 1867 Benjamin Franklin stamp. The Declaration of Independence stamp issued in 1869, the 1867 George Washington stamp, and Curtiss Jenny airmail postage stamp of 1918 are also valuable.

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