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LED Light Key Chains

LED light key chains come in a variety of shapes, including rectangular, circular, oval, and oblong. Some are designed for you to flip a switch to engage the light, while others involve pushing a button and holding it down for the entire length of time that the light stays on.

What styles of LED light key chains are available?

Flashlight, ultraviolet, key toppers, glow sticks, and symbol key chains are all available.

  • Flashlight: Some LED portable flashlight styles are designed to be cranked in order to charge. Once the flashlight is charged, it can be turned on and remains that way until it is switched off.
  • Ultraviolet: These designs come in most of the same styles, the difference being the type of light that shines out of the device. Ultraviolet light can help you to see objects or substances that are not visible under an LED glow in the standard spectrum.
  • Key-chain-style: These LED lights are designed to fit over the top of a key. Most leave a space for the object to be attached to a key chain. These designs have a button that can be pressed in order to shine light in a car, for example. These styles of covers come in a variety of colors, including pink, yellow, green, and blue.
  • Other: Other LED key-chain designs resemble glow sticks. Available in blue, green, red, and white, these types of key chains feature a long stick that glows with light. Some LED key chain designs are shaped into objects, symbols, logos, or animals with parts that light up. For instance, a ghost key chain may have a button that allows the ghost's eyes to glow a certain color with an LED beam.
What materials are used to make LED devices?

Metal, plastic, and silicone are a few of the materials utilized to make different styles of LED devices. Metallic chain links typically attach the light to a hook or clasp. The light bulbs may be plastic or glass, and the vessel to hold the bulb varies based on design. Most flashlight styles use both metal and plastic, while symbol or logo pieces may be primarily plastic.

How do you clean an LED device?

Most LED devices can be wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth. Removing dust and spills can help the device to keep functioning effectively. Spill removal can be aided by dampening the cloth, but be careful not to get any moisture inside the device. Dry the device completely after cleaning.

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