Gift Without Guilt: Cool Cheap Stuff for Under $10

Some of the coolest stuff can be found on eBay but you may not have considered to start your search on eBay marketplace first. When starting your search with eBay first you will discover unique and fun items to purchase right away. After you check out some of these items, you will find yourself going back again...and again! Here are a few items to consider for your first foray into the magical and addictive world of shopping on eBay.   

Awesome Apparel 

Stylish clothing that makes a statement under $10 does exist and can be found especially on eBay. As you explore affordable fashion on eBay you will find trendy graphic T-shirts for women. Gifts for men under $10 in the apparel category include comfy T-shirts men can lounge in on the weekends, or printed T's with everything from Marvel characters to the American flag. Some of the best gifts under $10 even include shoes. And what's a cute pair of shoes without funny socks for $5 and under to add some fashion flair? 

Fairly-Priced Fashion 

Low-cost accessories make for creative purchases under $10. This type of present could come in the form of a stylish pair of sunglasses for under $5. Choose from frame styles like cat eye, aviator, or oversized, and for women who like sparkles, opt for sunnies embellished with bling. Items that are $10 or less aren't limited to only clothes and sunglasses. Consider gifting a piece of jewelry that comes from the heart. This category includes everything from statement necklaces and earrings to chunky rings that enhance any outfit. 

Beauty on a Budget 

Give the woman in your life the chance to relax, unwind and take care of herself. Products under $10 can mean a lot to a stressed-out lady who loves the chance to pamper herself but doesn't have time to run to the salon every week. Master the art of buying gifts for women for under $10 by selecting skin masks and peels for super soft skin, nail art to beautify manicures and fake eyelashes to enhance a dramatic nighttime look.    

Easy-on-the-Pocketbook Electronics 

Some of the best $10 ideas include products like fitness accessories for a friend who's counting steps, or a plethora of DVD titles for a recipient who's a film buff. Cell phone car mounts are convenient and allow you to stick your phone to your dashboard, so you can talk, use GPS, or listen to music without fumbling for your phone. You can even find video games for less than $10. 

Top 10 Items Under $10 

Here are some spectacular finds for the lowest prices you can give to anyone, whether it's your mom, brother, niece, or significant other.  

  1. Tech - screen protectors, headsets, and headphones
  2. Fashion - T-shirts, graphic T's
  3. Bar Tools - corkscrew, coasters
  4. Sports Souvenirs - team pennants, flags, decals
  5. Anime Collectibles - action figures, caps, or key chains featuring Totoro, Hello Kitty, or Sailor Moon
  6. Movies - DVDs and Blu-Ray
  7. Lights - Fairy lights or string lights
  8. Kitchen Gadgets - vegetable shredders, pineapple corers, or spiralizers
  9. Video Games - pre-owned games for any console
  10. Jewelry - statement necklaces, earrings and rings to enhance any outfit