Mount a Television Against a Wall With an Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount

An ultra-slim TV wall mount can hold a television on a wall in a traditional space. You can use one of these products to position a television in an ideal spot to maximize viewing opportunities. On eBay, there are many ultra-slim wall mounts that can be secured against a wooden wall, stone wall, brick wall, or paneling.

What are the style and adjustment options?

All ultra-slim mounts have components that adjust. The main style types include the following options:

  • Flat units: A flat unit is designed with hardware that mounts against a wall. This unit stays in a fixed position in a way that gives the frame a clean look.
  • Tilt and swivel: This mounting product has an arm that moves 160 degrees. It can also swivel to the left and right. When both adjustment options are used, a typical tilt and swivel mount can position a television up to 16 inches from a wall.
  • Full motion: A full-motion mount extends a TV many inches from a wall by rotating its base to the side. Thanks to the swinging mechanism, a full-motion mount can give anyone in a space an ideal viewing angle.
  • Swivel: This type of mount can swing a television in various directions. Some swivel units may also have minor tilting capabilities.
What types of televisions are compatible with the mounting hardware?

On eBay, you'll find long and short mounting hardware that's designed for certain types of televisions. Typically, the largest brackets can support a television that's 70 inches, and the small units can secure a 55-inch TV. Curved screens don't fit on a mount because the slope won't rest flush against the mounting frame. However, you can secure a flatscreen television or a standard widescreen TV on a ultra-slim mount.

What's included with a mounting kit?

Since ultra-slim television mounting kits are designed in different configurations that tilt, swivel, and bend, most kits will include different components. However, a typical product will feature:

  • A bracket: The bracket is the main piece of hardware that mounts on a wall. This component is always measured according to the size of a television.
  • Sliding mechanisms: These components keep a television secured on a bracket. You can adjust a television's height by moving the mechanism along the tracks.
What kinds of televisions can a mount support?

An average ultra-slim mount can support a television that's up to 100 pounds. The solid frame can secure an LCD or LED screen. You can also secure a plasma television on a mount because the plasma gas won't impact the weight limit.