A Guide to Ubiquiti Networks Products

Ubiquiti Networks makes a variety of different solutions that involve wireless data communication and wireless broadband networks. Ubiquiti Networks also offers software and accessories to help run these systems. On eBay, you can find a variety of different affordable Ubiquiti Networks products, which makes purchasing them a hassle-free experience.

What types of accessories does Ubiquiti Networks offer?

There are a number of accessories for Ubiquiti Networks on eBay, including:

  • Infrared range extender: These extend the range of Ubiquiti's PoE cameras.
  • SFP/SFP+ modules and cabling: These act as outdoor extensions of new and existing installations.
  • airMAX home Wi-Fi access point: This is a home Wi-Fi access point, and the available models are the ACB-ISP and ACB-AC.
  • UniFi NVR: This one is a network video recorder that has UniFi video software. This recorder manages UniFi video cameras and can record video from up to 20 cameras.
  • airMAX CPE installation tool: This device provides Wi-Fi connectivity and power to a CPE to use a smartphone app to help with configuration.
What Ubiquiti products are available for purchase?

Ubiquiti products include Wi-Fi and routers as well as security camera products and accessories. Their offerings include:

  • UniFi Wi-Fi AP: This access point has a 10 gigabit Ethernet and can support 1,500 clients. It is billed as the world's highest capacity access point.
  • High-Performance Cloud Key Gen2: This one is a controller for a computer and software that allows you to operate over the cloud. This product facilitates multisite network management.
  • AmpliFi HD Mesh Router: This router is ideal for home use and allows for self-healing wireless coverage. This product supports high data rates to give users maximum throughout.
  • 1080p Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera with Infrared: This camera is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Customers can purchase an extender that allows for night vision up to 82 feet.
  • EdgeRouter X: This budget-friendly option allows for PoE capability. It has five-gigabit RJ45 ports that allow for switching. This device is a compact product that will not take up too much space.
What are some Ubiquiti Networks software solutions?
  • Ubiquiti Network Management System: This allows for management of your Ubiquiti networks.
  • UNMS App: This allows you to install airMAX devices and configure them using your mobile device.
  • Customer Management System: This allows streamlined billing and other customer relations.
  • WiFiman App: With this app you can analyze nearby Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks.
  • Network Management Controller: This controls all the network devices in different locations through mobile apps.
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