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Knowing When to Replace a USB Type Micro B Male Cable

USB Micro B cables are some of the most common chargers for smartphones, tablets, video game controllers, and other handheld devices. When your phone stops charging, you may simply need to replace your charger or charging cable. Ruling out a defective or damaged USB cable should be the first step that you take before replacing or repairing your smartphone or electronic equipment.

What are the signs of damage to a USB-A connector?

When you think of a USB cable, chances are that the first thing that comes to mind is the male USB A connector component of the cable. This is the flat, rectangular adapter designed to be inserted into computers, chargers, and other female USB A ports. Because this component of the micro USB cable is repeatedly inserted into a charger or other USB port, it's possible that damage to this adapter may cause performance problems with your charging cable.

Examine your USB cable for the following signs and replace if necessary:

  • Casing damage: Make sure that the casing around the USB-A port is straight and free from damage.
  • Wire damage: Examine the wire connecting to the USB-A port for nicks, frays, or tears.
  • Smooth fit: The USB A adapter should fit easily into a standard USB port.
What are the signs of damage to Micro B connectors?

The Micro B connector of your USB cable is the smaller component that plugs into your phone or device. There may be nicks, bends, and tears within the wire itself. The Micro B also features two small prongs on the bottom of the connector that physically hold the USB cable in place while it's inserted into your device. Over time, the prongs on the Micro B adapter may lose their tension and cause the cable to fit loosely into your device, which can prevent the cable from charging your device appropriately.

What are signs that a micro USB cable is malfunctioning?

The most noticeable sign of a damaged or malfunctioning Micro B cable will be inconsistencies in how your phone or device charges. If moving your device or the cable causes it to stop charging, even with the micro cable plugged in, it is likely that the micro cable itself is damaged and needs to be replaced. Another sign that the micro connector on the cable is malfunctioning are performance issues within your device while the Micro B connector is plugged into the device, such as slow performance or overheating.

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