An eBay Buying Guide for Cell Phone USB C Cables

Although USB C cables are used to charge numerous types of cellphones, they’re good to have on hand because they also charge many other things. For instance, many game controllers, speakers, music devices, toys, and portable game consoles use UBS C cables.

The colors and styles of Cell Phone USB C

Cell Phone USB C cables come in a variety of colors such as pink, orange, black, green, and so forth. You can also get braided USB C cables that have multiple colors. Having different color cables is an excellent idea if you have multiple people in the house using a USB C cable. This way, you can give each person a separate color, and there’s no confusion as to whose cable is whose.

 Cables on eBay

One of the most important things to consider when you go to buy a USB C cable is what length you want. Sometimes a shorter cable is good when you have your phone plugged up to something close to you like a computer. Other times, a longer cable is necessary, such as when you’re charging your phone but want to be on it while sitting on the couch. eBay has cables that start at shorter than 3 feet and go all the way up to 10 feet.

 Choosing a USB C Cable

You may also want to look for certain features like fast charging USB C cables. Other options include USB C cables that can connect with an auxiliary cable or connect to your car.

Are there cheap  Cell Phone USB C Cables on eBay?

There are many inexpensive cell phone USB C cables on eBay. Furthermore, you can even buy the cables in bulk. eBay has packages that can have anywhere from two USB C cables to upwards of four or more cables. Buying multiple cables at a time is a good idea if you want a cable for your home, car, office, and even back up cables for when you wear down your USB C cable. It’s also a good idea to buy several cables at once if you have family members in your household who use the same cables.

 Does eBay have USB C Cables for branded phones?

Although the USB C cables on eBay are universal and should fit any cell phone that needs this type of cable, you may want a cable specific to your brand of phone. eBay has USB C cables for some of the most common brands of smartphones.