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Numismatics is the name given to the practice of collecting coins, and when it comes to hobbies, it is arguably one of the most popular the world over. There is a seemingly exponential number of coins available to be made part of coin collections, with one group of them being US quarters. As one of the most-used coins in circulation, quarters are abundantly available in a variety of different iterations that collectors are eager to get their hands on. 

Rich History of US Quarters
The coin takes its name from its worth, which is 25 cents or a quarter of a dollar. US quarters have been produced since 1796, at first seeing sporadic production before 1831 brought more consistency. Although the face of the coin features the visage of George Washington, it is the back of the coin that is of interest to collectors, as the image shown on the tail of the coin has changed frequently over the years (such as the 50 State Quarters series that ran from 1999-2008) and has added to the collectible aspect of the quarter. 

Choosing Among US Quarters
There’s no shortage of quarters from which to choose, so while you shop, you can use several search options to help you in reducing your choices to only the quarters that meet your needs. As an example, you can shop by the specific design of the quarter, such as the early Draped Bust quarter to the Standing Liberty quarter (produced between 1916 and 1930) all the way to the current America the Beautiful quarter, which was first produced in 2010.

Serious Collection
Collectors who are serious about their hobby can find coins that are certified by organizations like PCGS and NGC (among others), in addition to being able to locate quarters that were produced at specific US mints, like the ones in Philadelphia or New Orleans. They can also choose among circulated and uncirculated quarters, depending on personal preferences.

Bang for Your (Quarter) Buck
US quarters are an essential part of any coin collection. Whether you’re a serious collector who’s in the market for a top-graded coin or whether you have a child who’s just beginning to show an interest in numismatics, it’s easy to find the exact coins that you need to help enhance a new or existing collection.

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