From American Revolution to Present Day: Collectible U.S. Navy Uniforms

Since the United States Navy dates back to 1775, collectible Navy uniforms for sale online can represent a wide range of historical eras. A used navy uniform can be highly sought after, and you can build collections based on the era, war, or type of U.S. Navy uniforms. Typically, you will find more current U.S. Navy uniforms for sale on eBay that date to 2001 and after.

What types of used Navy uniforms are there?

U.S. Navy uniforms fall into some broad categories: dress, service, and working uniforms. Each of those has numerous sub-categories like dinner dress and full dress. Navy uniforms for sale will also be either enlisted or officer. In addition, a used Navy uniform may be combat utilities or accessories like boots and covers. You will find an array of U.S. Navy uniforms for sale that you can collect or wear for fashion. In addition, you will find other U.S. Navy uniform items for sale like insignia, boots, hats, helmets, covers, and ribbons. Some of the classifications you will find for sale online include:

  • Service dress blues, service dress whites, full dress, and dinner dress uniforms
  • Officers and Chief Petty Officers khakis and summer white service uniforms
  • Working uniforms such as digital camouflage and shipboard working uniforms
Essential fabrications in U.S. Navy uniforms

It may come as no surprise to you that U.S. Navy uniforms are highly regulated. In fact, the U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations state that only fabrics approved by the Chief of Naval Operations may be used. Even the designs, buttons, zippers, and insignia are highly regulated down to very minute specifications. Therefore, it is recommended that you know how to spot authentic naval uniforms and insignia. Working uniforms are constructed with highly durable fabrications, and dress uniforms are typically made with 100% wool.

The U.S. Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility maintains samples of all currently approved fabrications. Fabrications must meet standards based on :

  • Fire and heat resistance
  • Heat and cold stress
  • Water immersion and bouyancy
  • Ballistic protection
U.S. Navy combination cover

When looking at used Navy uniforms for sale online, you may find an attractive U.S. Navy combination cover for sale on eBay. The U.S. Navy calls its hats either covers or caps. In 2018, the Navy retired the women’s bucket cover design. Now the combination cover is regulation headgear for both men and women. The combination cover also replaces the alternate combination cover for women.