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US Dollar Coins

Coin collecting - which is also known as numismatics - is arguably one of the most popular hobbies the world over, and one of the many coins that collectors enjoy owning is the US dollar coin. These coins come in many distinct themes and iterations and are a staple of any serious collector's collection.

The Rich History of Dollar Coins

As its name implies, dollar coins have a face value of one dollar, though a variety of factors can cause these coins to have a much higher value than it first appears. US dollar coins currently are the second-largest minted coin in terms of size (somewhat ironically behind the half-dollar coin) and are typically more of a collectible than they are a circulated form of currency. In fact, the US Mint stopped production of dollar coins for general circulation in late 2011, with all dollar coins since that time being produced solely for collection purposes.

Choosing US Dollar Coins

As you shop for the one or more dollar coins that you've been anxious to add to your collection, you can avail yourself of a number of specific search options that can help you to winnow your choices down to only the coins that fit your specific requirements. For example, you can shop by the iteration of the dollar coin, such as the Morgan dollar (struck between 1878 and 1904 and named after its designer, George T. Morgan) or the Sacagawea dollar (minted every year since 2000 to commemorate the Native American icon) or by the specific mint in which the dollar coin was struck.

Give the Gift of Dollar Coins

US dollar coins can also serve as excellent gifts. If you have a friend or family member who's an enthusiastic coin collector, gifting them with one or more dollar coins can aid them in enhancing their treasured collection. You can also personalize your gift even more by giving them a dollar coin struck the year that they were born or in the city where they live. Not to mention, you can also feel more than free to treat yourself to a gift if you happen to be the biggest numismatist that you know.

Spend Your Coin on Some Coins

Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one who's a numismatist or are looking to add to your own new or existing collection, you can find the exact coins that you're looking for amongst a wider inventory than you might find at a coin shop. US dollar coins represent not only a fantastic addition to a coin collection, but also a way to learn a bit about American history.

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