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US Coins

There aren't many more hobbies that are more popular than collecting is. People collect action figures, trading cards, porcelain plates, comic books, and many, many other things, and in many ways, what we collect can say a great deal about our personalities. Those who collect US commemorative coins show not only a sense of pride in the United States, but they also show that they value the monetary system as well.

What is Numismatics?

Much like there is for many types of collectors, there's a specific name used to distinguish those who enjoy collecting coins. Numismatics is the name for "the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects." One who engages in numismatics is known as a numismatist. Not only do numismatists collect coins and other types of currency, but they also often have an interest in the broader way that currency is exchanged and used.

Locating US Commemorative Coins

As you shop for the specific US commemorative coins you are seeking, you can take advantage of several search options that can help you to narrow your choices down to only those coins that fit your specific criteria. For example, you can shop by the category to which your specific coin belongs, whether it's silver, modern silver, gold, or part of a mixed lot. You can also browse by certification type if you're a hardcore numismatist.

Coins Make Great Gifts

US commemorative coins can also make great gifts. Perhaps you have a family member who's an avid coin collector and you can help them add to their collection with a coin that was struck the year that they were born or at the mint in the city where they live. You can also feel more than free to treat yourself if you happen to be the numismatist who's closest to you.

Spend a Little Coin on Some Coins

Regardless of whether you're looking for a gift for someone else or engaging in your own favorite hobby, you can rest easy in knowing that you can find exactly what you want amongst a larger inventory than you're likely to find through any one coin dealer. Collecting US commemorative coins is a terrific way to not only spend your leisure time, but it's also a fantastic way to engage in some national pride and learn about the country's currency system at the same time.

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