US Coin Proof Sets

Collect Mint and Uncirculated Coins With U.S. Proof Sets

Whenever the United States Mint creates new coins, it keeps a small amount and packages them as proof sets. Proof sets are not given to banks or circulated through stores. For collectors, the proof sets are the ideal way to collect mint coins, keep them in mint condition, and build up a large collection.

What to look for when shopping for proof sets

For new coin collectors, shopping for new proof sets for sale could lead to a lot of questions. As you shop for a proof set, the collection of coins will typically include all the main releases from a given year. Each set you shop for should include a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar. Some of the newer U.S. mint proof sets may have a dollar coin included. This could increase the cost and value of the mint 2019 proof set just because of the one-dollar coin value alone. The sets will not include loose coins, and they'll often feature all coins on display with the same side. While coins have the years printed on them, a number of the mint coin sets for sale will include years printed on the bags or cardboard holders. The sets that include the coin holders make it easier to display the coins after a purchase.

Colored proof sets

One of the options to consider when you shop for a new, used, or pre-owned United States proof set are colored coins. When coins are released to the public, they feature the original material the coin was printed in. As a way to increase the visuals of the coins, the U.S. Mint has released colorized versions of the coin. For example, if the United States flag is featured on a coin, it will be painted red, white, and blue. As you shop, it's good to know the painted and colorized coins are still official releases and just an alternative way to collect proof sets. Colorized coins are a great option if you're shopping for children who want to start collecting coins. A mix and match proof set may include both colorized and standard proof coins.

Estate sales

One of the more ideal ways to find good eBay deals on coin proof sets is to look for estate sales. People will often collect proof sets their whole life. After they have passed, the proof sets will be sold online through a digital estate sale. The goal of selling off estates is to get rid of as many belongings as possible, so coins may be heavily discounted. You may also have the option of purchasing bulk proof sets and building up a large collection with some good savings attached.