Finding US Coin Mint Sets on eBay

If you are searching eBay for US Coin Mint sets, you have the advantage of quickly and efficiently searching worldwide listings to find specific United States coin sets for your collection. Understanding their features and knowing which US Mint sets are rare or unique will help you to determine the proper value of the coins before purchase. Differences between US Mint sets and US Proof sets are also important to note as you search for the right US Coin Mint set.

What is an uncirculated US Mint set?

Every year since 1947, with the exception of 1950, the US Mint has offered collectors and investors the opportunity to purchase complete sets of uncirculated coins from that calendar year; these sets included special packaging for display showing both the front and back of each coin. Complete US Mint sets include uncirculated versions of all the coins minted for general circulation in a calendar year.

Specialty US Mint sets

Over the decades, the US Mint has offered coin collectors and enthusiasts several different specialty US Mint sets that focus on a particular coin or commemorative coins. Specialty US Mint sets include:

  • United States Mint 50 State Quarters set
  • United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters set
  • United States Mint 1976 Bicentennial set
  • United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin set
  • United States Mint Prestige Coin set
What is the difference between a mint set and a proof set?

A United States Mint coin set includes uncirculated coins that are typically minted that calendar year, or uncirculated specialty coins minted in a given calendar year. A United States Proof coin set includes coins that have a specialized finish that is different from a normal minting finish. The two types of proof finishes are:

  • Polished proof, which creates a brilliant finish.
  • Cameo proof, which creates a unique frosted finish.
Determining factors that contribute to the value of a US Coin Mint set

Several different factors contribute to the overall market and collector value for a US Coin Mint set. Understanding them will help you determine the value and price when searching on eBay. Factors that increase the value of a US Coin Mint set include:

  • Age - Older sets are far more valuable than newer sets.
  • Complete set - A set with all the original coins as issued will have a higher value than an incomplete set.
  • Original packaging - Sets that are housed in the original display packaging issued from the US Mint, as well as any certificates of authenticity from the US Mint, are more valuable.
  • Souvenir sets - These sets were issued in small numbers, instantly increasing their value due to scarcity.
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