UB Funkeys

UB Funkeys were a line of collectible toy figures that accompanied a PC software game made by Mattel. There are over 45 types of Funkeys.

What do you need to play UB Funkeys by Mattel?

You will need the following to set up and play the game:

  • Personal computer: The game is accessed on a desktop or laptop that runs Windows.
  • Hub: The hub looks like a large Funkey and connects to the USB port on a computer. Different starter packs have hubs with different designs that are related to a certain zone or portal.
  • Funkeys: The Funkeys connect to the hub. Each Funkey represents a character within the game. When you connect a Funkey into the hub, it appears on the screen. You can control it on your computer.
How do you play UB Funkeys?

Once you have the game set up, here is how to get started.

  • Zones: Funkeys have access to different zones. Different Funkeys can use different zones. Within each zone, figures can compete in games to earn coins. If your figure stays outside of a zone for too long, it will encounter an enemy character. It can engage with the enemy character to win or lose coins. Enemies include Henchmen, Natives, Dali, Goya, Kane, and Henchmen 2.0.
  • Cribs: Each figure has its own house or crib. You can decorate and personalize it using the money won during games.
  • Portals: Certain Funkeys are able to go through certain portals. Different portals include Kelpy Basin, Magma Gorge, Laputta Station, Funkiki Island, Daydream Oasis, Nightmare Rift, Royalton Raceway, Hidden Realm, and Paradox Green.
  • Master Lox: Master Lox is the main antagonist of the game. He locked the portals and zones so that only certain Funkeys can use each one.
What are the different sets you can collect?

In order to progress through the portals, you will need a variety of Funkeys so that you can have access to all of the zones or areas.

  • Starter Sets: Each starter set includes a hub, a software disc, and two to four Funkeys that are associated with a particular zone.
  • Adventure Sets: Adventure sets each contain several Funkeys that are associated with a particular world. Different figures have different rarities: normal, rare, and very rare. Each pack contains Funkeys of the same rarity.
  • Chat / Multiplayer Packs: Certain sets have chat and multiplayer functions, which allow for more than one player to speak to one another. Chat Funkeys come with a chat room in place of a zone.
  • Limited Edition Packs: Limited edition sets give players access to figures that are not typical, such as some of the villains. These Funkeys cannot play regular zones but have access to certain special zones.
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